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HellCat Alice Pack Mods (Bug Out Bag)

Camo Md Alice pack. Note the “shelf” on the bottom of the pack.[/caption]

As any good Boy Scout would do, I’m working on being prepared. This means regular reviews and gear of my gear to ensure it is ready to go.

In previous posts I’ve discussed the Large ALICE pack and it’s cavernous interior and rugged external frame. but it’s so big that it encourages overpacking. I decided to pack smarter instead of packing more.

I wanted the same rugged, time-tested durability, but in a slightly smaller size. This led me to the Medium ALICE pack. I love this pack, it forces me to pick my items a bit smarter, but still has an abundance of room for gear. It is also available in Woodland Camouflage instead of just OD green.

On to the HellCat Mod

2013-01-24 10.21.22

I decided to keep my Large ALICE pack intact, so I hit ebay and bought another ALICE frame, the Medium ALICE Rucksack, the Molle Waist strap and Molle Shoulder straps. Now I had to figure out how to get all this stuff together.

If you do go to ebay, make sure that the Shoulder straps that you buy come with the load carry straps, these are the straps that actually connect to the ALICE frame. Many sellers remove them so they can sell them separately. Those scurvy dogs!

After much Google-Fu (in a browser that’s never logged in to a Google Account) I came across another blog who had great instructions, with lots of pictures, to help me get all the straps on correctly. Check out the post on Liberty Tree Blog.

I still am missing the Molle sleep system carrier, but I’ll add that in the near future and post some pictures, but then I’ll have to figure out how to carry the ALICE shelf without it being mounted on the frame. Decisions decisions.

These shoulder straps and waist belt really change up the feel of the ALICE frame and pack. It’s much more comfortable and I’d feel much better about lugging firewood or 5 gallon fuel cans with the ALICE Shelf with these straps.

If you’re looking to use an ALICE pack of any size, take a few minutes to consider purchasing the updated carry straps for your gear, it will make a huge difference.