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How to Make Penicillin At Home: The Complete Guide

When you're a survivalist, you'd want to be prepared for every single thing that could go wrong. That includes getting sick without access to any type of medication.

10 Best Infrared Thermometers for Safe Detection: Complete Guide

These days, it's hard not to feel paranoid when you have to be in close contact with other people. When a disease is prevalent and observing proper hygiene is crucial, investing...

How to Use Mud & Aspen Tree as Wilderness Survival Sunscreen

Sunburn is bad even during the best of times. Too much sun can lead to illness and sunstroke and can be fatal. What are our options for sun protection? Sun Protection Protection from Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation...

16 SHTF Essential Hygiene Products for Max Comfort

Survival is our main concern during tough times, but after that, what will be the next step to keep in mind? Hygiene after SHTF, or after a natural disaster will be important to stop the...

How to Build Your Own Emergency Dental Supply Kit (+Content List)

Most people are familiar with a first aid kit, but are you prepared should you suffer a dental emergency? If dental problems will take you off the trail, it's best to read on and find...