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Hello, I am Tobias, a geek prepper, and the owner of GeekPrepper.com.

Here you will find a host of prepping and survival related topics written by experts that specialize in specific areas of prepping and survival.

The information we provide is data driven and fact based, and void of fear driven, irrational thought.

Now a little about me. I grew up in rural Iowa where self sufficiency and independence come second nature.  I have learned much about wilderness survival and prepping from my family and community.

My father is from a third generation farming family and became an educator, and my mother is from a family of builders, handymen, and craftsman.

I grew up around the Amish and was fascinated by the Buckskinners in the Villages of Van Buren, and learned from Iowa hunters who furthered my knowledge about self sufficiency.

I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in International Studies with emphasis on global resources, and Spanish.  Later, this led me to travel nearly half of all 20 Latin American countries after living in Costa Rica. There, I have camped in and explored the jungles, stays in off grid coastal cabins, and surviving dengue fever.

You will often find me on the rivers back east in a kayak, hiking, camping, or biking in the Colorado Rockies, doing BJJ and some striking (martial arts), kettle bell work, handy work around my home, and shooting firearms.

About a decade ago I started my career networking with the Amish to sell handcrafted furniture.  It has been a privilege observing how the Amish live and has shaped my idea of a prepping lifestyle. The Amish are largely self sufficient.  They procure their own food, generate off grid power, and have close knit communities that serve as pepper networks.

My aim with GeekPrepper.com is to share what I have learned about prepping and survival, while continuing to a new thing or two myself in the process. My aspirations for the future are to take survival classes, self defense and tactical firearms training, and to keep learning about all things self sufficiency.

My two favorite prepping and survival quotes are:

  1. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.
  2. I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

I prefer not to live in fear of what may not come, but enjoy the prepping philosophy and lifestyle where being prepared is an additional benefit.


We’d love to hear from you. Your input, comments, thoughts and criticisms are welcome.

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    2. Hello!

      We are currently in search of those who are prepping for the future and for any of life’s uncertainties, for a new prepper/build docu-series.

      Are you a Prepper, or survivalist who has been prepping for years?
      Are you a builder? Do you currently have some fun builds you are working on, or that you are planning to work on soon? Are you well-versed in building bunkers, bugout shelters, or other life necessities?
      Do you have a bugout location for when SHTF?
      Do you have enough food and water stored, to last months, or even years?
      Do you have tips for others looking to prepare for what’s to come?

      If this sounds like you, or anyone you know, we would love to chat with you about this project! Please email us back with the best number to reach you on and we would be happy to set-up a call during our office hours, Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm EST.

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