10 Top Rugged Survival Tents & Shelters

Food, shelter and clothing are necessary fundamentals that everyone should have. A roof over you and your loved one’s heads keeps you safe, dry and private …

7 Best Ways to Convert a Poncho to a Survival Tarp Shelter

If you need to bug out or pack light, then you’ll want to embrace any gear that can serve multiple uses.

We all know that ponchos are great for rain gear.

But did you know they can also act as a shelter or tent?

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  Poncho Shelters (Tarp Shelters)
      Poncho Shelter 1: Pup Tent Style
      Poncho Shelter 2 : Pup Tent Style 2
      Poncho Shelter 3: Lean-To
      Poncho Shelter 4: A-Frame Shelter
      Poncho Shelter 5: The Hooch Shelter
      Poncho Shelter 6: The Cauldron
      Poncho Shelter 7: The Ghost Man
  Other Uses of a Poncho

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