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How to Make Penicillin At Home: The Complete Guide

When you're a survivalist, you'd want to be prepared for every single thing that could go wrong. That includes getting sick without access to any type of medication.

5 Steps Make Your Own Badass Ghillie Suit for Survival

One of the best ways to conceal yourself in a natural terrain is to get a ghillie suit. Strictly speaking, a ghillie suit is a camouflage garment that resembles sand, snow and various foliage...
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Traditional Soap Making: FREE Essential Beginner Guide

After SHTF the world will be a grubby place. Clean it up and maybe even gain some serious bartering stock using these traditional soap making techniques.     Traditional Soap Making If we ever lose trans-national supply lines...

DIY Survival Snowshoes Efficient Winter Trekking & Survival

If you need to travel over deep snows, then you'll need footwear to help you move. Here are a couple of links explaining how to make your own snowshoes. Snowshoes work by distributing the weight...