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How to Use Ranger Beads for Pace Counting & What’s Needed

With the advent of GPS systems, navigating with a map have almost become a lost skill.

If you were to use a map, or if you had to travel overland, how would you measure the distance you’ve covered?

In this post, we’ll teach you pace counting with Ranger Beads.

ranger beads

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Pace Counting With Ranger Beads
What are Ranger Beads?
Where Can You Get Ranger Beads?
    Supplies Needed
How Do You Use Ranger Beads?
    1st Method – Pace Counting
    2nd Method – Distance Walked
    Specific Instructions

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How to Find Free Prepper & Survival Ebooks, Apps, & Kindle

In today’s economy, you need to save when you can.

But prior to saving, we need to ensure that we are fully equipped with anything that will be thrown in our way.

That’s why we bring you the latest Free Survival Kindle Books on and from other sources on the web.

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How to find Free Amazon Kindle Prepper & Survival Books
    No Kindle? No Problem!
    Did you get your Free Kindle books today?
Free Survival Android and iPhone Apps
Independent Prepper Site Survival and Prepping E-book PDF Downloads
Best Free Survival and Prepping Books on Amazon
Best Budget Survival and Prepping Books on Amazon

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How to Buy the Best Binoculars for Prepping & Survival

I’ve seen some discussion where people discount the need for binoculars in your preps.

They go as far to claim that they waste space and add unneeded weight in their bug out bags or gear.

Those people are wrong you do need Binoculars for preparedness.

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8 Best AA, C, D, A Size Battery Adapters +FREE Buyers Guide

Batteries are needed to power up flashlights, radios, and other equipment but often they are neglected.

Did you know you can replace C cell and D cell batteries with AA batteries, by using a AA battery adapter?

I’ve listed down battery adapters for prepping up against the unexpected – you don’t want to grab wrong sized batts when you need them, right?

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AA Battery Adapter
Reasons to Own a Battery Adapter
What to Consider when Buying a Battery Adapter

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Tactical Training Class for Civilians: Know What to Expect

Many of you are probably very similar to me. You may know how to operate a firearm, but need to learn to take it to the next level.

Many don’t realize that tactical training for civilians is an option available to nearly everyone.

Luckily most criminals don’t practice marksmanship, let alone take tactical training courses, but every degree of skill-margin you can put between you and them, the better your survival chances.

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Tactical Training for Civilians
Where can a Civilian get some training?
    Day 1: Carbine 1
    Day 2: Entry Level Room Clearing

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