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Learn to Pick Handcuffs: 6 Effective Methods Break Free!

There may come a time where it might be very handy for you to know how to open a set of handcuffs. 

Learning to Pick Handcuffs is not as intuitive as you think it is.

So having a learning tool to help you visualize the inner workings is essential.

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  6 Methods to Pick Handcuffs
      1. Use Clear Cuff
      2. Making a Key
      3. Using a Shim
  Alternative Handcuff Options
      4. Duct Tape
      5. Zip Ties
      6. Saw Method
  Want to Cheat?
  Want to Practise?

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How To Make (& Use) a DIY Camo Ghillie Blanket in 6 Steps

A ghillie suit can be the perfect camouflage for one person.

But what if you have multiple people, like children?

What if you need to be able to make your family melt into your surroundings fast, leaving no trace?

Knowing that this is a must-have in your survival pack.  Will you buy or DIY a ghillie blanket?


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Ghillie Blanket!
How to Make A Ghillie Blanket
How to Use A Ghillie Blanket
The Best Ghillie Blankets
    1. Red Rock Outdoor Gear- Ghillie Blanket Woodland Camouflage
    2. Beavertail Blanket 3D Concealment Blanket
    3. Beavertail Chisel Plowed Field Beaver Blanket
    4. LOOGU Camo Netting
    5. Ghillie Suits Ghillie Blanket
    6. Southland Archery Supply Outdoor Camping Woodland Camo Netting

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4 Ways to Practice Lock Picking: Build Your Survival Skill

In a survival situation, you’ll need to open things that may not belong to you.

Do you know how to pick a lock?

The skill of lock picking can be a lifesaver.

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  1) Sharpen your Lock Picking Skills with CutAway Locks
    A. Bend a Paperclip
    B. Shaping the Paperclip
    C. Picking the Lock
  2) Lock Pick Sets:
  4) How To Bypass A Lock Using A Credit Card
  5) How to Pick a Lock Using a Credit Card
  6) Disclaimer

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Best Knot Tying Books & Games for Kids Fun Learning

Children’s minds are like sponges. Show them something, or teach them something while young and they’ll have it for life.

An important skill that children should be taught is knot tying.

Doesn’t it make sense to give them knowledge that will come in handy almost every day of their life?

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Complete Guide to Clean, Strip, & Maintain your New AK-47

Cleaning your AK-47? But it’s so rugged, and…Russian.  

Despite the ruggedness of your AK-47 and its renowned ability to function with sand, grunge, and grit choking its internals, basic cleaning and maintenance program will certainly extend the life of your equipment.

This is a quick guide on AK-47 Cleaning and Maintenance!

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AK-47 Cleaning and Maintenance
    1) Cleaning Products (Pick-n-choose)
    2) Field stripping the AK-47
    3) Initial Cleaning
    4) Degreasing
    5) Lubrication
    6) Protection and Storage
Alternate cleaning methods for the AK-47

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