A Primitive Gig

You can fashion a primitive gig from materials in your environment. This could be a key skill to keep you fed.

Primitive Gig

Gigs are one of the standard tools for catching frogs and small animals in the water. They can also be used to spear small animals on land. This relatively simple tool could mean the difference between eating and starving.

Making a Primitive Gig

Grab your knife, a heavy stick and some paracord.

    1. Wrap the paracord about 6-9 inches from the desired “gig” end of the stick. This will prevent your tines from splitting further up the shaft of your spear.
    2. Use your knife and a baton to split the Spear-end of the stick into quarters
    3. Drive a small stick between 1/2 of the stick, to start separating the tines.
    4. Drive another small stick between the other 1/2 of the stick, perpendicular to the first.
    5. Lash the 2 small sticks into position, so that your tines remain open
    6. Sharpen the tines of your gig.

If desired cut some barbs into your gig’s tines. Cutting barbs into the tips will help hold your prey after spearing them.


In the following video, you can see how easy it is to make a gig.

You will want to practice making gigs before you actually need one to survive!



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