8 Best AA, C, D, A Size Battery Adapters +FREE Buyers Guide

Batteries are needed to power up flashlights, radios, and other equipment but often they are neglected.

Did you know you can replace C cell and D cell batteries with AA batteries, by using a AA battery adapter?

I’ve listed down battery adapters for prepping up against the unexpected – you don’t want to grab wrong sized batts when you need them, right?

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AA Battery Adapter
Reasons to Own a Battery Adapter
What to Consider when Buying a Battery Adapter

AA Battery Adapter

In the past, I had decided to standardize on devices that use AA or AAA cell batteries.

I figured that this should help me cut down on the number of batteries and chargers that I need.

Then one day it hit me. “Anything I have could fail, I need to be ready for anything.”

Prepping means being prepared for anything. If I’m only prepared to use AA batteries, I may be unable to leverage other technology, or found items, because I don’t have any good C cell or D cell batteries. I need to be more adaptable, able to leverage any device, regardless of the battery size it requires.

Whizzotech Parallel AA to D Battery Adapters

I can either spend hundreds of dollars on rechargeable C cell and D Cell batteries and their chargers or….. I can use AA battery adapters.

AA battery adapters are C cell and D cell sized shells (or adapters) that your AA batteries slide into to allow them to fit properly in the places designed for C cell and D cell batteries. Most devices should work ok using this method.

As with anything, there are cheap and then the good and reliable adapters.

1) Miraclekoo D Size Battery Spacers allow you to use Two AA Batteries in each D-Cell adapter, doubling your devices run times!

miraclekoo D cell battery spacer
Holds 2 AA batteries in each D-cell spacer!

2) The ReZap 7329 AA to C and D-Sized Battery Converters for under low cost. It comes with 2 C cell and 2 D cell adapters. Some people are happy with them some had issues. Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you luck out.

3) The Lenmar Adapter, D Size Shell and the Lenmar Adapter C-sized Adapter Shells for AA Batteries. These are budget friendly for a pack of 4, and many people complain that they are fatter than regular C and D cell batteries so won’t fit in many devices.

Lenmar Adapter, D Size Shell

4) Then there’s my choice, the cream of the crop, the Sanyo Eneloop 8 Pack of C-size Adapters and Sanyo Eneloop and the 8 Pack of D-size Adapters. These come in 8 packs and are low two digits, so the prices are pretty close per adapter.

eneloop Spacer Pack- 8 Pack of C-size and 8 Pack of D-size Battery Adapters
eneloop batterr adapters

I’ve had positive experiences using the Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries, and the AmazonBasics High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries, they provide consistent power across my devices and now I’m starting to power my C cell and D cell devices, using the AA battery adapters from Eneloop and the Miraclekoo D Size Battery Spacers!

LampVPath 10PCS AA to C Size Battery Adapter

5) The LampVPath AA to C Size Battery Adapter is also a sturdy battery adapter capable of converting any AA battery into C size battery. It’s lightweight yet tough with the strong environmental protection plastic and ABS materials used in constructing it. Each purchase comes with ten pieces of adapters, ensuring that you won’t run out of it anytime soon.

EBL C Size Battery Adapters

6) The EBL AA to C Size Battery Adapter is also an incredible option for anyone hoping to invest in a tough, sturdy, and functional adapter.

Constructed from durable and high-quality plastic ABS material, it will hold up for a long time. It also has a wide range of use. It is even suitable for cameras, CD players, flashlights, radios, MP3 players, and any other equipment, which requires AA to C battery size conversion.

EBL D Size Battery Adapters

7) There is also this highly rated EBL AA to D Size Battery Spacer Converter, which earned the respect of most users because of its high level of protection and reliability. It is designed to protect the battery placed inside with smooth internal edges. It is a small, compact, easy to carry, and lightweight adapter that does an efficient job in converting AA battery to D application.

Whizzotech Parallel AA to D Battery Adapters

8) Another fantastic choice is the Whizzotech Parallel AA to D Battery Adapter.

You can rely on it every time you need an adapter to convert AA battery size to D. It comes with a large contact area on the cap where the positive terminal is located. It is also versatile in the sense that it can fit up to three AA batteries in just a single spacer. With that, you can use your devices for a longer period before you need to recharge the battery.

Reasons to Own a Battery Adapter

Battery Adapter Spacers

Owning a battery adapter for your survival kit can make a difference in their ability to communicate, see, and get odd jobs done, remain informed, etc, during an emergency, disaster, or SHTF scenario.

Apart from being recyclable and cheap, having this adapter around offers convenience with its ability to promote quick recharging.

With a good battery adapter around you can also lessen the number of charger and battery types you need for survival situations.

You can convert the batteries so you can still use your device. For instance, you can use AA battery adapters in case you need to use devices that run using D cells.

Since several devices and flashlights operate using AA batteries, you can easily add things into your survival or prepping kit without investing in another charger setup.

What to Consider when Buying a Battery Adapter

When shopping for a battery adapter, several factors should play a vital role in your final decision. 

WINOMO 8pcs AA to Size D Battery Adapters Converter Cases

Compatibility – In your search for a reliable battery adapter, one vital factor that you have to take into account is the compatibility.

If you need to charge batteries of similar sizes then a charger with multiple slots that are of similar sizes will work.

However, if your batteries are of various sizes then you need to look for a converter or adapter that is compatible with a wide range of battery sizes. The adapter should be versatile so that it works suitably for the battery you want to charge or convert.

Safety – Check the safety features integrated into the battery adapter, too. Note that being in an emergency or survival situation requires you to be extra careful. That said, you have to scrutinize the security features of the adapter before buying.

One useful feature, in such a case, is the automatic cut-off facility. This works by automatically stopping its function of feeding power to batteries once they are fully charged. Other useful security features that you will most likely find in the adapter are short circuit protection and heat dissipation.

Indicators – Some adapters actually come with an LCD panel, which several users find useful because it can show them the status of every battery that fits into the unit.

With the help of these indicators, you will know exactly when the battery is fully charged or converted. It is also a huge help in speeding up the charging process in case this is necessary.

super power battery box

Capacity – As much as possible, go for a battery adapter with higher capacity. Avoid that which can only hold one battery.

It would be much better if it can hold up to three cells or more in parallel. With that, you can use it for multiple batteries, making the unit truly versatile and worth the investment.


Prepping is about being prepared.

AmazonBasics AAA
AmazonBasics AAA

But being prepared doesn’t mean a bunch of spending and hoarding a ton of different batteries and chargers. The AA battery adapters (aka: battery spacers) helped simplify my plan.

Make sure to get a Smart Battery Charger, that conditions and charges each battery individually.

3 thoughts on “8 Best AA, C, D, A Size Battery Adapters +FREE Buyers Guide”

  1. I’ve gone this way too. I got a couple of dragon fly light strings from Harbor Freight. You have to modify it a little to stop the blinking lights. I put quick disconnects on it and use it to keep AA batteries charged.
    When we lose power I plug in the string for lights around the house. I also have solar pathway lights. Again when we lose power I bring them in and put around the house (bathroom, hallway, kitchen etc.).
    Next I want to convert all my flashlights from PR-13 bulbs to LED bulbs.

  2. I don’t like the Whizzotech Parallel AA to D Battery Adapter for use with rechargeable batteries because they scratch the housing of the battery exposing the metal

  3. One issue with all multi-cell adapters is the issue of current balancing and see-saw discharging.
    The internal resistance of all batteries are different! Every battery placed in parallel will have a different terminal voltage and so the higher voltage battery will attempt to charge the lower until the voltages flip and the whole pack self discharges far faster then if the batteries are not installed.
    DO NOT USE these adapters in any long term holding bag or package. Otherwise you will self-discharge your batteries far sooner than the lifetime of the battery. ALWAYS store the batteries outside of the adapters and ONLY put your AA batteries in the adapters when you need to use them DO NOT leave them in an adapter inside a device whilst the device is not in use! Or you will find dead or exploded batteries long before you need them.


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