AA Battery Adapters

Did you know you can Replace C cell and D cell batteries with AA batteries, by using a AA battery adapter?

AA Battery Adapter

In the past I had decided to standardize on devices that use AA or AAA cell batteries. I figured that this should help me cut down on the number of batteries and chargers that I need.

Then one day it hit me. “Anything I have could fail, I need to be ready for anything.”

Prepping means being prepared for anything. If I’m only prepared to use AA batteries, I may be unable to leverage other technology, or found items, because I don’t have any good C cell or D cell batteries. I need to be more adaptable, able to leverage any device, regardless of the battery size it requires.

I can either spend hundreds of dollars on rechargeable C cell and D Cell batteries and their chargers or….. I can use AA battery adapters.

AA battery adapters are C cell and D cell sized shells (or adapters) that your AA batteries slide into to allow them to fit properly in the places designed for C cell and D cell batteries. Most devices should work ok using this method.

As with anything there is the cheap and then the good and reliable adapters.

Miraclekoo D Size Battery Spacers allow you to use Two AA Batteries in each D-Cell adapter, doubling your devices run times!

miraclekoo D cell battery spacer
Holds 2 AA batteries in each D-cell spacer!


The ReZap 7329 AA to C and D-Sized Battery Converters for under $10. It comes with 2 C cell and 2 D cell adapters. I linked to the product on Amazon so you can see the reviews. Some people are happy with them some had issues. Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you luck out.

The Lenmar Adapter, D Size Shell and the Lenmar Adapter C-sized Adapter Shells for AA Batteries. These run about $7 for a pack of 4, and many people complain that they are fatter than regular C and D cell batteries so won’t fit in many devices.

Then there’s my choice, the cream of the crop, the Sanyo Eneloop 8 Pack of C-size Adapters and Sanyo Eneloop and the 8 Pack of D-size Adapters. These come in 8 packs and run about $18, so the prices are pretty close per adapter.

I’ve had positive experiences using the Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries, and the AmazonBasics High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries, they provide consistent power across my devices and now I’m starting to power my C cell and D cell devices, using the AA battery adapters from Eneloop and the Miraclekoo D Size Battery Spacers!

Prepping is about being prepared, but being prepared doesn’t mean a bunch of spending and hoarding a ton of different batteries and chargers. The AA battery adapters (aka: battery spacers) just simplified my plan.

Make sure to get a Smart Battery Charger, that conditions and charges each battery individually, so they each get exactly what they need!


  1. I’ve gone this way too. I got a couple of dragon fly light strings from Harbor Freight. You have to modify it a little to stop the blinking lights. I put quick disconnects on it and use it to keep AA batteries charged.
    When we lose power I plug in the string for lights around the house. I also have solar pathway lights. Again when we lose power I bring them in and put around the house (bathroom, hallway, kitchen etc.).
    Next I want to convert all my flashlights from PR-13 bulbs to LED bulbs.


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