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Preparing for a Societal Collapse

The world and our Country are rapidly changing. Once we had investigative journalism and newspapers to uncover the wicked, the corrupt and the schemes against our citizens, now we have Main Stream News Media reading us government provided propaganda and TV programming trying to convince us that wrong is right. Smart money says that we should be preparing for a societal collapse!


Preparing for a Societal Collapse

Liberty loving Americans that believe in the Constitution are being labeled as Right Wing Extremists and Domestic Terrorists.

Our government was created to represent us, now they rule us.

More people are getting government entitlements than are paying taxes. This is unsustainable, sooner or later it Will break!

Things are very wrong.

What can you do to keep your family safe? We’ll cover the easy stuff first.


Right now most of us are lucky and when we turn on the tap, water flows out. This is taken for granted. Start scouting for water now, before it’s too late. Once you find water, put together a plan to transport it and to purify it via boiling or chemical treatment.


Stock up now while you can. Fill your pantry with the foods you already eat. Then when you buy more rotate your food and use the existing supply. FIFO (First in, First Out) and check the dates as you rotate to ensure the oldest gets used first.

Learn how to acquire food from other means, in case supermarkets are empty or in the event of super inflation or lack of personal income. Things that might help:

Obviously people have to eat, so do whatever you have to do to survive, but do not prey on others!


If you still have the ability to stay in your home there may still be some hurdles.

Heat: Cold Climates or climates with cold weather: Sooner or later these areas will need heat of some form.

  • A fireplace or wood stove can provide the heat you need, but you need to have a known good chimney. Don’t take chances if your chimney hasn’t been inspected or checked. You could burn down your house, which would keep you warm for a bit, but will probably kill you.
  • Kerosene heater – This is a good option if kerosene is still available to you. Always make sure to have fresh air coming in to the area you are using a kerosene heater to avoid carbon monoxide and death.
  • Propane heater – This is a good option if propane is still available to you. Always make sure to have fresh air coming in to the area you are using a this type of heater to avoid carbon monoxide and death.
  • Tent – setup a tent indoors and use your body heat to warm a smaller area you can also burn a candle, (properly secured to avoid fire) to add some additional heat and light.
    If you don’t have a tent make your own under a table using lots of layers of Mylar emergency space blankets or regular blankets both over the table, to the floor and under you on the floor. Squeeze your whole family in there to combine heat.
  • Sleeping bag and/or blankets – as a last ditch effort, put on your warmest clothes, socks, boots, coat and cover up with as many blankets (and in a sleeping bag if possible). At this point this is all you’ve got.


Sanitation will become a big issue. I plan to dig some form out Outhouse in this situation. Make sure to be at least 100 meters from water sources and preferably farther than 300 meters.

A regular hole in the ground will work. Make sure to keep the dirt pile near the hole so you can fill it as needed or to close this hole prior to moving on to your next one.

A large bucket will work for indoor use. Line it with heavy duty trash bags if you can to make disposal easier. Mount a toilet seat on the bucket if you want to take it up a notch. Make sure to empty the bucket into a hole as far from your home and from water as possible. Sawdust, dirt or powdered lime will help reduce the smell in this indoor bucket.


Keep some strong thing plastic sheeting to insulate windows and to cover broken windows. Duck tape will be very handy in this scenario.

Large “cargo” net

Sliding patio doors

Large glass patio doors are a huge weak spot. Short of boarding them up, what can do you?

I like to secure mine by screwing large metal eye bolts into the frame around the door (the frame in the wall, not the decorative trim) and using carabiners to secure a large thick cargo net over the opening. If someone breaks the glass they still have to cut their way though the net, giving you time to escape or respond.

I like to get a net just large enough that I can put it over the patio door curtains, that way when they break the glass they still have no idea that there is a barrier on the other side of the normal curtains. When they try to charge in, they are stopped cold.

Lighting – you’ll want to see at night. The trick is to keep other people from seeing your light. Black out your windows or hang out in a windowless rooms. Check nightly to make sure that the light is not visible from the outside.

How will you light you home at night?

  • Flashlights and Battery lanterns – this is my first choice, but batteries run out and unless you have a solar charger and lots of rechargeable batteries this will be a short lived option. If you do have the ability to recharge the batteries then this is perfect. LED are the most efficient, use these or florescent instead of traditional bulbs if possible.
  • candle lanternCandles – Candles are good, but ensure that they are properly secured to avoid fires. I recommend a candle lantern to prevent tipping and so you can hang your candles in places that make sense. I believe candle lanterns get warm so they will provide some residual heating, which might be a good benefit, but be careful of getting burned.
  • Propane lanterns – if you still have propane, then use your camping lantern to provide light.
  • Kerosene lamps – kerosene lamps are used quite a bit still. If you have some kerosene or access to kerosene these lamps can be had for around $10. I got some for around $5 at Rural King.

Protection and Defense:

Your best and safest bet is to lay low and hide. If things get bad, gangs and looters may start roaming the country side looking to take what they need, from anyone they can find, from you.

Post a Guard at all times

Always have someone on guard. Preferably a good distance from your home, campsite or retreat and able to signal you in some manner.

Walkie Talkies would be a good choice, but always use some type of code. If the bad guys are also using radios too, you don’t want them to know you’ve seen them, and that they were close to your location. You’d rather have them show up to an abandoned house or camp with no idea that anyone had been there for some time. They may not be just looking for provisions and loot, they might be looking to hurt, rape and kill.

Have a spot you can fall back to away from your home or camp and safely observe the trespassers so you know when it’s safe to head back.


You also need weapons. At some point you may be in a situation where it’s kill or be killed. I pray that none of you ever have to be in this situation, but if you are do whatever you have to do to survive. It’s not murder if it’s self defense, and the world might be a better place with one less sadistic killer preying on the weak in this type of arena.

Try to standardize on a weapon platform so you can share ammo, parts and familiarity.

Transporting supplies:

If you do find supplies, water, fuel or other resources, how will you transport it back to your “secure” location or camp?

  • Wheel barrow or garden cart – most of us have used these and know the benefits and limitations, good for short trips on mostly even ground.
  • Deer Cart (aka Game Cart) – These are made to haul large game out of the woods when hunting. Some of them can carry more than 500lbs through forests and over uneven ground.
  • Hand Truck (2 wheel cart, dolly) – These are good for things that can be stacked or strapped to it. Good for moving heavy items and may work on even ground and even some hills. Would not be good in rough terrain or a forest.
  • External frame ALICE pack with Shelf (or other backpack with external frame and shelf system). These are made to haul heavy, bulky radios, batteries or Fuel cans. This makes the wearer a pack mule, but in some cases this may be the only option. I chose an ALICE pack for my bug out bag and this was one of the big reasons. I can attach the shelf and go from backpack to hauling system very quickly.

Money: If your money becomes essentially worthless, you need to be prepared. Everyone always talks about silver and gold, which are a very good idea. Get a hold of some silver. I like older US coins (Pre-1964 usually) that have a nice amount of silver in them.

If you can’t afford to get silver, it’s time to learn to barter. Start thinking about what you can trade or services you can offer in exchange for things you’ll need. If you can hunt or trap, trade meat and fur. If you can fish, trade fish. If you can fix things, trade your services for what you need. You see where this is going.

Martial Law, Police State or Tyranny

In a societal collapse there is a very real chance of your land falling under Martial Law, becoming a police state or being headed by a tyrannical government. You need to be ready.

Firearm Confiscations

Historically, firearm confiscation is a very early step in the process. Be ready. They will force you to turn in your weapons. Get some large PVC pipe or a Monovault and bury some guns.

They may search your hard with metal detectors or ground penetrating radar. Find some isolated land or forest and bury your guns there. Ensure you know the location well, then seed the ground with metal: washers, screws, re-bar, chunks and strips of metal.

Heck, while your at it, bury a bunch of junk and metal all over your property too, just to mess with them. They’ll spend tons of time searching and digging and not finding a single firearm. Suckers!

Fight or Not to fight

To fight or not to fight, is a choice that each of us must make on our own. I am not encouraging violence, but we all have our own choices to make in life.

If you choose to fight, be smart, don’t take unnecessary chances or take on a fight you can’t win. Guerrilla tactics are all that most people would be able to pull off, unless you happen to have a Military Unit of patriotic soldiers who have opted to fight for liberty and freedom instead of tyranny.

If you choose to not fight, you can still make a difference. Be a bad citizen. Read the book Invisible Resistance To Tyranny: How to Lead a Secret Life of Insurgency in an Increasingly Unfree World. This book reminds us that large, tyrannical governments can only collapse on themselves, especially when filled with bad citizens. I highly recommend this over a violent approach.

Even if you do choose to resist peacefully, by being a bad citizen, you should still be willing to offer aid or information to those who do choose to fight. Being a bad citizen means that you are not a criminal. You keep what’s yours and only give the government just enough that they leave you alone.

Since a bad citizen isn’t a criminal, they will be able to pass through checkpoints and still buy goods. Keep that in mind.

Bad citizens hoard food for their family and to help others.

Resisting Tyranny in any way, no matter how small that resistance, is very important.

  • Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God” is the motto Ben Franklin suggested for the reverse side of the U.S. Seal (1776).
  • Thomas Jefferson said: “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.”
  • Susan B. Anthony – one of the leading crusaders for women’s rights – said at her sentencing hearing based on her conviction for illegally voting: I shall earnestly and persistently continue to urge all women to the practical recognition of the old revolutionary maxim, that “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.”

We will never encourage criminal behavior, but we will always encourage you to do what you have to do to survive and to keep liberty and freedom alive.


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