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EDC Survival Kit

The purpose of this EDC Survival Kit is to provide a core set of tools, that can instantly move from scenario to scenario, giving us a modular approach to our separate survival kits.

EDC Survival Kit

I am tired of spending money. I know we need duplicates and backups of our key items, but putting that aside, I wanted to put together a core kit, that I could take from my commuter backpack, slide it into my Get Home Bag or my Airline Travel Get Home Kit and together I’ll have all the tools I need, for the purpose at hand.

The Organizer

I decided to build this core set off a small bag, with a ton of options, the Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer. I tried the Condor Pocket Pouch, which is a great bag, but didn’t offer as many tool holders or pockets for my kit. It may work fine for you.


maxpedition edc

 The Tools and Gear

edc pack contents 1

  1. Notebook
  2. EMT Shears
  3. Hand Sanitizer (bought this so I could refill the spray bottle with Insect Repellent)
  4. Pocket Screwdriver with extra bits
  5. Fenix E01 Flashlight – 13 Lumen, 21 hour run time using just one 1.5V AAA battery (battery included)
  6. Ball point pen
  7. Magnifying glass (came with #9, the Tick Remover)
  8. Signal Mirror (Dog Tag style)
  9. Pro-Tick Remedy (Tick Remover)
  10. Doc Allen’s VersaTool
  11. Duct Tape and Fishing line wrapped around a cut down gift card.
  12. Flat 6″ Ruler
  13. Doc Allen’s VersaTool‘s bits
  14. PocketWrench II
  15. Marine Whistle
  16. PROKNOT Outdoor Knot Cards

edc pack contents 2

Not Shown in the photosfield and shield insect repellent and sunscreen

You probably noticed that there isn’t a knife in this kit. I already EDC a Swiss Army Knife Trekker and a Becker BK11 Neck Knife to compensate, if you don’t EDC a knife, you should adjust your EDC kit accordingly.

I could probably squeeze in a Multitool and a SAS Survival Guide Pocket edition, but I just leave both of those in my computer backpack, that I use for work, and carry on when I fly.

If I need to use my Get Home bag, I slide this pouch or tools out of my Computer backpack and into my Get Home Bag, adding it’s tool set to my repertoire of gear.

With this modular setup, I can use these core tools I have an EDC survival kit, that will help me get home or survive, even if I can’t get to my car to grab my Get Home Bag or any other gear.


    • Purely from an EDC perspective, I’ve run into multiple situations where more than one screwdriver would be handy. Or, more often, I use a multitool as both a screwdriver and pliers, and I end up needing both at the same time.


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