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Best & Most Ruthless Weapons For Apocalypse Survival

You have finally decided to prepare for the impending apocalypse. What Weapons For The Apocalypse will you pack to dispatch the forces of evil and ensure your survival?

Weapons For The Apocalypse

You have started to notice that the world seems very unstable these days. You know its time to prepare for the bubble to burst. What Weapons For The Apocalypse will you pack to dispatch the forces of evil and ensure your survival?

When you hear weapon, you might instantly think of firearms, but there are many different types of weapons. There is no one-size-fits-all weapon, so use this list to help you find a solution that will work for you!

Weapons For The Apocalypse

  1. Shotgun. Unless you are a marksman, then a shotgun is the firearm for exploding zombie skulls. The stress of close quarters combat necessitates a shotgun to allow for the enormous margin of error required to actually hit your target. No matter if you choose a pump or semi-automatic action on your shotgun, be sure to include a side-saddle or buttstock shotgun shell holder for reloading. Some Shotguns have a notoriously low ammo capacity.
  2. Edged Weapons. Well-placed steel is the perfect, silent kill when villains (or zombies) are hunting you. One favorite is the machete, which comes in a variety of flavors and sizes, but if you want to send your foes fleeing in terror, grab a Gurkha Kukri. Any quality made knife will make a great secondary weapons in your fight for survival. Another uncommon, but useful edged weapon might be the axe. A large axe is a formidable weapon, but think about a small combat axe or tomahawk, that is easy to keep within reach.
  3. Crossbow. For the first week of the apocalypse, a crossbow may seem a strange choice for defending against trouble. Wait until you run out of shotgun shells. The crossbow is an accurate weapon and is the perfect option when silent kills are required. It is far easier to master than the traditional bow and is a sustainable option for the zombie apocalypse. If you have watched The Walking Dead, then you have seen Daryl use his crossbow to kill a lot of Zombies.
  4. Other Firearms. While a shotgun is the preferred choice, there are endless options in firearms for defense against zombies. Assault rifles come to mind, and they are quite powerful and can be effectively used at long ranges. For close quarters, pistols may be a better option. Whatever the choice, be sure to select firearms with large capacity magazines and easily obtained ammunition. Stopping power is a further consideration; think Dirty Harry and large caliber handguns.
  5. Blunt Weapons. For the final line of defense, nothing beats a solid wood bat in your hands. Bats are cheap, easy to carry and quick to grab and start swinging. Wood or aluminum is the enduring argument. Wood may be the better choice in the long term, but aluminum does have a nice ring against the desiccated skull of a zombie. Don’t think of blunt weapons as backup weapons only, they certainly have a place in any armory for the apocalypse.

Now that you have some options you can select Weapons For The Apocalypse that will help you ensure your survival!


  1. Tongue in cheek or real advice? I hope this is a joke, the actual advice is pretty bad. A 22 Cal rifle and a couple bricks of bulk ammo weigh less than you’d think. A crossbow is a horrible weapon, requiring maintenance above most casual zombie hunting teenagers skill levels and most are garbage anyway.

    Want an ideal prepper tool? 10/22 with tacsol internally suppressed barrel or a 22 pistol with a can. Game getting, defensive and common ammo.

    Can’t get a suppressor? The garden variety versions are just fine.

    • Well, not to step in anyone’s coolaid, BUTTT, Daryl does seem to have a handle on a lot of things. And he seems to use the crossbow very well. I would use it for closer quarters, when silence is golden. It’s true that it takes some skill, but it’s a unique tool that would be a good assest.

  2. A machete is not very heavy and so may be difficult to lodge into the skull of a zombie. What I recommend is a Kukri machete which is curved and weighted enough to easily kill a zombie and is an all round Multi purpose tool.


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