Top 10 Best Weapons for a Zombie Apocalypse

You have started to notice that the world seems very unstable these days.

You never know when a zombie apocalypse will begin, so it’s time to prepare for the bubble to burst.

To ensure your survival, you must be equipped with the knowledge and the right apocalypse weapons.

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Key Takeaway

When you hear the word ‘weapon,’ you might instantly think of firearms. But there are many different types of weapons to choose from.

There is no one-size-fits-all zombie apocalypse weapon, so lets have a little fun with this list and help find a solution that will work for you!

1. Shotgun


Unless you are a marksman, then a shotgun is the firearm for exploding zombie skulls. The stress of close-quarters combat necessitates a shotgun to allow for the enormous margin of error required actually to hit your target.

No matter if you choose a pump or semi-automatic action on your shotgun, be sure to include a side-saddle or buttstock shotgun shell holder for reloading. Some Shotguns have a notoriously low ammo capacity.

Shotgun gauges are usually 10, 12, 16, 20, 28, and .410. A smaller gauge means that the diameter of the bore is larger.

Within the United States, 12 and 20 gauges are the most common. Both gauges are exceptionally powerful but inexpensive as well. For $20, you can find a 100 round case in stores like Walmart.

2. Crossbow

Crossbow weapon

For the first week of the apocalypse, a crossbow may seem a strange choice for defending against trouble. Wait until you run out of shotgun shells. The crossbow is an accurate weapon and is the perfect option when silent kills are required.

Crossbows were first used during the medieval times. It is a projectile weapon that uses bolts instead of arrows.

They are far easier to master than the traditional bow and are a sustainable option for the zombie apocalypse. If you have watched The Walking Dead, then you have seen Daryl use his crossbow to kill a lot of Zombies.

However, using crossbows requires a lot of strength and precision from its user. It is also a single fire weapon that has a very slow reload time.

Overall, crossbows are great weapons if you are firing from a position at your advantage (such as rooftops or windows). 

3. Axe


The axe is one of the oldest human-made weapons. It can be used for chopping firewood or for combat.

The axe’s weight can be both an advantage and a disadvantage to its wielder.

When used with the correct amount of force, an axe can break down most body parts and barricades.

However, a misplaced blow can leave defenseless as you cannot easily stop or change your swing. It is recommended that you always keep a lightweight axe for backup.

Most axes have their handles made of wood, while the heads are steel. For a zombie apocalypse, the best types of axes to use are any of the pick-axe, fire-axe, and brush-axe.

4. Baseball Bat

Another melee weapon you can use in a post-apocalyptic scenario is the baseball bat. You most likely already have one at home. Bats are readily available for purchase, cheap, and easy to carry.

You may think that using a baseball bat as a weapon is merely swinging it at a zombie. However, you must consider what your bat is made of if you intend to use it as a long term weapon.

baseball bat

Baseball bats can be made of wood, aluminum, or polypropylene. Wooden bats are the most traditional but are the easiest to break in just a short period of time. Aluminum bats are lighter and a bit more sturdy than the wooden ones.

However, you may start seeing dents after continuous use, and they also give off uncomfortable vibrations after every hit. The most recommended among the three is polypropylene because of its durability.

You may have seen some people spike their bats to cause more damage to the enemy. However, it is not recommended to spike your bats. Adding nails may cause it to bend or weaken. Also, these nails may cause zombie blood and brain to spatter everywhere, which will further expose you to infection.

A baseball bat is an excellent post apocalyptic weapon if used correctly. One strike to the skull or spine of a zombie is enough to decapitate it. However, it requires a significant amount of upper body strength, especially if you choose to carry the lighter type.

5. Katana


The Japanese samurai used katana as their primary weapon. Its curved blade was specifically made to make clean cuts through its target.

To use the katana properly, one must be confident and relaxed. A combination of the right technique and strength should be used to decapitate an enemy successfully.

Its blade is usually 70 to 73 centimeters long. It doesn’t give you the same amount of distance as the shotgun or crossbow, but the right strike will definitely let you cut through a zombie with no issues.

If you are unsure of your skill in wielding this weapon, you can handle it like a knife and attack the zombie in a stabbing motion aiming at the bottom of its jaw and upward to the base of its skull.

6. Handgun


Having a handgun that is easily accessible to you is as important as having a long gun (such as a shotgun) to give you the benefit of distance.

A semi-automatic handgun, for example, gives you a readily accessible secondary option for offense while still providing you with a safe distance from your target. Plenty of options exist to accessorize handguns to make them better anti-zombie tools. 

A second option is beneficial in case your primary weapon malfunctions or runs out of ammunition.

You can easily and quickly draw and reload a handgun in emergency scenarios. It provides you with the assurance that you will always be armed in case anything goes wrong.

7. Machete

The machete is both a tool and a weapon. It is large and cleaver-like with blades that are 12.8in-24in long. It is used to cut wood, thick vegetation, rainforest undergrowth, and meat.

Depending on your strength and the blade’s sharpness, it can take you one or several swings to cut through a zombie’s skull. Using both hands to hold the machete and place your strike will provide additional force and control.


Just like other edged weapons, the machete can get stuck in the skull. Apply a twisting force to cause rotation and aim at the neck or spine to decapitate zombies. Be extra careful, however, because the zombie’s head can still bite you.

The machete is a reliable and versatile slashing weapon and tool. You can use it to fight off zombies at night and cut through wood or barriers during the day.

Continuous sharpening may be needed to maintain the machete’s usability for weeks and months. If you decide to use this as your weapon, it is highly recommended that you carry it in a scabbard or sheath.

8. Sledge Hammer

A sledge hammer is more effective than the typical hammer you probably have at home. It can be a very deadly weapon if used correctly and with the right amount of strength.

sledge hammer

The advantage a long range weapon gives you is that it allows you to maintain a good distance from zombies. And with just one swing, you can hit and take down several zombies at a time.

You can use a sledge hammer in two ways: sling then hit or thrust. If you swing at the enemy, make sure to put forward your lead foot – this is the foot opposite your dominant hand. Maintain a strong and sturdy core base, then swing the weapon all the way back and smash it on the head or neck of a zombie. 

A thrust attack is perfect for violently pushing zombies backward. Again, maintain a sturdy base and hold the sledge hammer by positioning your dominant hand closer to the bottom of the handle and the other hand just about 18 inches away.

Push forward as quickly and powerfully as possible, with force coming from your dominant hand while the other hand serves as a guide.

The best thing about sledge hammers is that you wouldn’t need to worry about dulling them out nor sharpening them frequently. All you need is to wipe them down occasionally, and you’re ready to take down more zombies again.

9. Hatchet

Another weapon best for short-range combat is the hatchet. If you find yourself in a close encounter with several zombies, this weapon will come in handy. It is not that heavy compared to other blunt weapons, and you can wield it using one hand.

camping hatchet

Speed and power are crucial in handling a hatchet. Once you make a quick and hard swing on zombies that come your way, the hatchet’s sharp blades will finish them off. As usual, aim for the head or neck to decapitate them quickly.

If your hatchet gets stuck on the skull, make a strong front kick, and immediately go back to your defense position in case a second swing is required or another target is starting to come your way.

Aside from serving as weapons, hatchets can also be used as tools for survival. You can use them to skin animals for food. Remember to consistently sharpen your hatchet’s blade to keep it in good shape.

10. Cleaving Saw

Though chainsaws are most commonly suggested, I would like to recommend cleaving saws instead.

A cleaving saw is designed for cutting big trenches in wood. It has a single blade about one inch thick and a sealed guard that makes sure no zombie blood or skin gets inside the machinery.

Another advantage of cleaving saws is that you don’t need to lubricate them as often. This is because the single coat along the rubber liners in the rotors can last for decades.

Aside from that, only a minimal portion of the saw is exposed and the serration of the blade is opposite of you. Thus, you don’t need to worry that any discharge will be flung toward you.

Key Takeaway

woman holding a gun

While no one can definitely tell if the apocalypse is coming soon, being prepared will always work to your advantage.

Knowing about the different weapons you can choose from will help you know as early as you know which one will work best for you in case the worst happens.

In the end, knowledge and preparedness will give you peace of mind knowing you can protect yourself whatever happens.

28 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Weapons for a Zombie Apocalypse”

  1. Tongue in cheek or real advice? I hope this is a joke, the actual advice is pretty bad. A 22 Cal rifle and a couple bricks of bulk ammo weigh less than you’d think. A crossbow is a horrible weapon, requiring maintenance above most casual zombie hunting teenagers skill levels and most are garbage anyway.

    Want an ideal prepper tool? 10/22 with tacsol internally suppressed barrel or a 22 pistol with a can. Game getting, defensive and common ammo.

    Can’t get a suppressor? The garden variety versions are just fine.

  2. A machete is not very heavy and so may be difficult to lodge into the skull of a zombie. What I recommend is a Kukri machete which is curved and weighted enough to easily kill a zombie and is an all round Multi purpose tool.

  3. You forgot about the molotov cocktail. It is very effective. Its made of items that you find at home and it can explode multiple zombies at a time.

  4. Look, the crossbow thing is bs. The one they use on the walking dead is much different than a real one. If you want a long-range weapon to use while covered, use any rifle with a decent range. If you are are in a close range situation than your dead. I’m not saying it is an impossible weapon to use, you have to practice with it allot if you want to not be full of holes. For an overall reliable weapon, I would say that I would choose a revolver. It can be found at any gun store, requires low maintenance, and is easy is use. There different types of revolvers for your type of shooting.


  5. Ill say that a machete is the best weapon for close is a tool and a weapon at the same time,and plus,its light and also affordable

  6. The chainsaw is one of the worst weapons to use in a apocalypse.if you chop a zombie with it,it’ll spray zombie blood everywhere and potentially get you infected,and its really heavy and makes a lot of noise.

    • If said zombie’s heart has stopped, which is likely, the blood will have congealed. Zombie flesh chunks will still get you infected.

  7. m60, no way. for one it’s super hevy and burns through ammo in a heartbeat. it is also loud, heavy and extremly inacurate. unless you have a teammate with an assult rifle or some gun with a better reload time ur screwed.
    FYI: i don’t have a budget in mind.
    i personaly would go for an m16 with under barrel shotgun for closed quarters and an ACOG sight for long range

  8. An Scar Hbar (carabine) with HCOG scope (x6), stubby grip, supressor, extended mag, green laser and collapsable stock as well as MP412 Rex as a secondary would be a good choice because of high accuracy and still high damage and fire rate. But you would have zo know how you use it because that is not easy

  9. C’mon All of yalls suck If aint got no budget Id find a plane capable of carrying considerable weight and dropping a tactical micro nuke.

  10. I don’t think guns would be useful. Guns make loud noises and can run out of bullets easily. The loud noises can attract more zombies. And honestly, you can only really kill one zombie with one bullet. So what’s the point of having a gun? But ig its still a good thing to carry around in case of an emergency

  11. I feel like cross bow is not a bad weapon when you realise how stealthy it is and having a friend near by that can disable zombies easily because they are slowing deteriorating has well it can kill people, deer all stealthy

  12. ya’ll leaving out the macuahuitl. What is a macuahuitl you ask? Well, as a Mexican I can proudly say that a macuahuitl is an ancient Aztec weapon. It’s shaped like a cricket bat, on the edge it has rectangular obsidian blades that instead of slicing flesh nicely like other swords, it shreds the flesh making it completely useless. The way it was used applied the swiftness of a sword, and the heavy blows of an axe, you can even swing it like a bat if want.
    Only one problem, obsidian is like glass so it shatters very easily(srry minecrafters), so instead of obsidian blades, I would replace them with steel blades. There are 2 modules, one that is 0.9m and weighs 2kg, and one that is 1.2m and weighs 3kgs take your pick 🙂

  13. A crowbar could work, it is like a sledge hammer and a pickaxe had a baby and made it usable for many different things and sharp.

  14. Why not modify a car? Hyundai made a beast with a zombie plow, all sorts of nasty spikes, re-enforced windows etc. Perhaps I can find a big truck and a military diesel enjin and switch the enjins around (I know how to do that) so the car can run on stuff like gasoline etc. Then attach on it chainsaws, a zombie plow etc. if it have a sort like a door on the roof, i will put a machine gun there just in case we’re trapped.

  15. i think that a spiked baseball bat would be good because if it gets stuck in the zombies head then u could pull the bat with the zombie attached round then watch it go flying

  16. I think a revolver is better than a pistol because it is less likely to jam and is easier to reload because there is no need for magazenes.


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