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Preparedness – 5 Simple Steps to Get Started

Preparedness, or being a Prepper doesn’t mean that you are a crazy gun packing survivalist, who hides out in a mountainous retreat. Preparedness is more about living the Boy Scout Motto of “Be Prepared”.

The Preparedness 5 Simple Steps :

  1. Buy a little extra food each shopping trip, canned goods are good.
  2. Buy a couple packs of batteries
  3. Buy a really warm sleeping bag (rated 0 degrees F or lower)
  4. Buy or own a flashlight and at least one LED lantern
  5. Store some water (2 liter soda bottles work well) rotate this supply.

Having a store of food doesn’t mean that it’s only for the end of the world. I’ve fallen back on our extra pantry supplies every time I’ve changed jobs and had a long time between starting the position and getting my first paycheck. Many employers don’t pay you until the payday after the first full pay period, which, sometimes, can be over a month. Our full pantry helped us to get through those tough times.

Preppers are being labeled negatively, when that’s not the case. We’re just normal people who want to ensure that we have a little something to fall back on in case of tough times.


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