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15 Best Fire Starters for Backpackers & Preppers for 2020

Along with shelter, water, and food, fire is one of the core 4 essentials you need to survive in the wilderness or when the shiz hits the fan.

In a survival situation, away from the conveniences of modern life, you must have a way to cook your food, stave off predators, act as a light source and even help you prepare tools.

Making fire without the assistance of modern tools such as survival lighters can be difficult though, as you must find the right materials, in ideal conditions to allow you to start the first spark and build an adequately sized fire.

Fortunately, you do not have to rub rocks together in order to get a fire going. With the following fire starters, you should be able to build a perfect survival fire in no time with minimum hassle:

#15) Gerber Bear Grylls Firestarter

Bear Grylls fire starter is a device with a Ferrocerium rod and metal striker. It comes with a waterproof storage compartment to keep the tinder-dry when not in use. The lanyard helps to keep each piece secure while you are using it.

The fire starter comes in a kit that contains the starter, lanyard, rod, and emergency survival guide. A whistle is included in the rod for use during emergencies. Small and compact, this fire starter is portable and easy to use. However, users have complained that the chord it comes with is too short to wear around the neck.

#14) E FS374 All-Weather Emergency 2-IN-1 Fire Starter & Magnesium Fuel Bar

This fire starter makes use of a compact aluminum rod that can be scrapped to create shavings for starting a fire. It comes with a black flint striking rod and serrated metal striker. To use, you simply use the serrated metal striker to create shavings, place the shavings on tinder (dry leaves, twigs, grass, etc) and strike the flint to create a spark.

The fire starter comes with a bonus compass, is easy to use, and provides enough aluminum shavings for up to 100 fires. Its main disadvantage is that the magnesium rod is a bit difficult to scrape so it might take you quite a while to get the shavings you need to start a fire.


13) Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter with Emergency Whistle

This fire starter was designed by the Swedish military to provide instant fires regardless of the attitude. It has an alloy rod, stainless steel striker that produces a 3,000º C spark, ergonomic handle, and emergency whistle.

Advantages include ease of use, 12,000 strikes and the ability to work in wet conditions. The spark that appears when you strike the rod can also be used as emergency lighting. Customer complaints about this product include a too short strap and low sounding whistle.

light my fires weed
light my fires weed 2


#12) Ultimate Survival Technologies Spark Force Firestarter

The Spark Force is a flint-based fire starter that comes with a striker built into a detachable cap with a lanyard to prevent accidental sparks. The fire starter creates sparks in all weather conditions allowing you to start fires even in adverse conditions like rain and snow.

The protective casing it comes with makes it easier to carry around. The Spark Force’s main disadvantage is that you have to strike the rod several times before you can get a good spark going.

ultimate survivals tech spark


#11) Dimples Excel 6 in 1 Extra Large Size 133g Military Instant Waterproof Windproof Magnesium Fire Starter

If you are looking for a great multi-feature and multipurpose fire starter, the Dimples Excel 6 is as good as they come. This extra large ferrocerium rod comes with a mini ruler with a serrated edge, emergency whistle, bottle opener and a 108 inch woven, paracord lanyard.

This fire starter is weatherproof, durable and fireproof and comes with a lifetime guarantee from excel. The main disadvantage of this product is that weighing in at 133g; it is much heavier than other fire starters.

dimples excel 6 in 1


 #10) D-FantiX Anti-corrosion Magnesium Fire Starter Kit Survival Flint with Compass + Long Chain Camping Equipment EDC Gear

This pen-shaped fire starter is made of a high-grade aluminum rod that comes with a multifunctional striker that can be used as a ruler, saw, compass and bottle opener. It has a long chain to help you keep the striker and rod together.

It’s highly compact to ease portability and can be used in all types of weather. It is anti-corrosive, fireproof and water resistant. The alloy rod is thicker than most to provide greater sparks and make it easier to start a fire. Unfortunately, customers have complained that it does not create enough sparks in damp conditions.

d fantix fire starter


#9) Uberleben Zünden Traditional Bushcraft Fire Steel with wood handle, 5/16″ thick Ferro Rod Fire Starter for Survival

The Uberleben Zunden Bushcraft Fire Steel is a premium fire starter that comes with a wooden handle and a thick Ferrocerium rod. A braided nylon lanyard, concave toothed scraper, and free 3 ply tinder come with this fire starter to help you get started with fire building.

Customers love this product for the great organic feel of its handle, durability, and ability to create large sparks. Its major downside is that it requires a mighty stroke to get the sparks going but the great number and size of sparks more than makeup for this.

uberleben zunden trad-2

uberleben zunden trad


#8) EggDeal survival New Black Steel Flint Magnesium Stone Fire Starter Safe and Durable Survival Kit

One of the simpler designed and more effective products on the market, the Eggdeal fire starter comes with a magnesium flint rod, green striker and black carrying lanyard. It is great for people who are just getting started with fire starters due to their basic features and cheap cost.

The sparks created can help you start a fire in as little as 30 seconds and it’s small, compact nature makes it easy to carry. The major disadvantage is that the striker might not produce enough sparks but this can be mitigated by using the edge of a knife.




#7) Ultimate Survival Technologies BlastMatch

The flint on this particular fire starter is spring loaded, allowing you to retract it once you are done lighting your fire. The carbide striker is highly effective and allows you to get as many as 4000 strikes.

The fire starter itself produces three times as much heat as other options and has been shown to work in the rain and other adverse weather conditions. It comes with a safety button to prevent accidents. The one disadvantage that customers have found is that the rod keeps falling out of the casing.

ultimate survivals tech blastmatch


#6) Dimples Excel Magnesium Alloy Emergency Easy Grip Fire Starter with 500 lb (227 kg) Paracord Lanyard (2 Pack)

This 2 pack kit comes with two 5” ferrocerium rods, two 2.5 inch steel strikers and 2 woven paracord lanyards. These fire starters work in all weather conditions and come with extra long rods to allow for the creation of more sparks.

The ergonomic handles are ideal for holding even when your fingers are too frozen to handle other fire starters. This product comes with a lifetime warranty.

dimples excel mag


#5) Core Survival Magnesium Fire Starter, Glass Breaker, Tactical Keychain

This 4-in-1 fire starter is made up of an aircraft grade magnesium and tungsten flint rod that is accompanied by a flint striker, glass breaker, tinder compartment, and tinder cotton ball.

The high-quality alloy ensures a high-quality fire, customers have access to a lifetime warranty and also have the option of picking the color they want i.e. coal-black, charcoal grey or pearly champagne. This fire starter can be a little big and may not suit people who are looking for something they can hang on their key chains.

core survival

core survival 2


#4)  Pernix Magnesium Survival Firestarter

One of the more lightweight options on the market, this fire starter packs a punch with regard to the number of sparks (12,000), is waterproof and is made of military grade material. It can function in all types of weather conditions and comes with a lifetime warranty. The major disadvantage is that the lanyard tends to break shortly after purchase.

pernix starter


#3) The Friendly Swede Keychain Fire Starter with Whistle (2-pack)

The friendly Swede fire starter is a lightweight, pocket-size fire starter that comes with a braided lanyard and emergency whistle. Each pack comes with one orange and one black fire starter, each with an aluminium rod in a plastic casing along with a striker.

The smallness of this fire starter makes it easy to carry around your neck or inside your pocket. The two main cons are that the sound on the whistle is very low and the rod sometimes falls out of the plastic casing.

friendly swede key


#2) Alpha Encender Fire starter

Preppers, campers, hunters and other outdoorsy types will be happy to learn about the existence of this efficient and affordable fire starter. It comes with a magnesium rod, metal striker and lanyard that helps to hold the two together. The main pro for this product is its simplicity. Simple design, efficient working and easy portability.

alpha encender-2


#1) SurvivalSPARK Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter with Compass and Whistle

This is the best rated fire starter on the market today thanks to its user friendly features and affordable price. Made up of a magnesium striker and metal rod, it comes with a lanyard and compass and is known to provide up to 15000 strikes.

It also has a loud quality whistle which can be heard over several miles, while the lanyard makes great tinder for starting fires. On the whole, many users report no cons with this product but the compass is a bit on the small side and tends to wander a bit if air bubbles are trapped inside.


survival spark-2




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