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Budget survival Knife

Many of us can barely afford our day to day lives, so finding a decent yet, economically pricedsurvival knife, is sometimes an unreachable goal.  We all see the  slick looking $500 survival knives out there, but that’s not realistic for many of us. Is there a reliable, budget survival knife for us “budget preppers”?

Budget Survival Knife

Again we ask the question?

Is there a reliable, budget survival knife for us “budget preppers”?

Yes, there is a fantastic budget survival knife, the Cold Steel Bushman!

The Cold Steel Bushman

The Cold Steel Bushmanfits this role perfectly. You can get a brand new Bushman for under $30!

Bushman Features

Budget survival Knife cold steel bushmanThe Bushman isn’t just full tang, it goes beyond full tang, the blade and handle are a single piece of 2.5mm thick SK-5 high carbon steel. The resulting knives are expertly heat-treated and tempered to RC54. Since it’s one piece of solid steel there are no mechanical fasteners to fail and no handles to fall off.

Is the single piece design strong? In quality testing these knives have withstood over two tons of pressure on their blade/handle transition!

The Hollow handle is a pretty great design. You can use the hollow handles to store survival supplies or to use a variety of handle extensions which can maximize reach, leverage or ease of throwing (spear).

All it takes to leverage the hollow handle for supplies is to find a wine cork or rubber stopper to plug up both ends.

Blade Styles

The Bushman knives are available in two blade styles (standard and Bowie point, I prefer standard, but to each his own). Both feature continuously curved blades that are ideal for skinning, and will pierce, cut, slash, slice and shear like you won’t believe.

Budget survival Knife cold steel bushman Standard and Bowie
Standard and Bowie



Regardless if you choose “Standard” or “Bowie” they now come  with a heavy duty Secure-Ex® Sheath With Ferrocerium Fire Steel.

secure ex sheath
Secure-Ex® Sheath With Ferrocerium Fire Steel

When you order it, make sure that you get the Cold Steel Bushman with this new style sheath!


Crafting a Spear

If you would like to use this budget survival knife to fashion a spear all you need to do is shove a rod, handle, stick or pole into the hollow handle,

bushman spear 2
Viola, a spear!

The handle even has a convenient hole so you can secure it to a pole with a nail or screw .


Budget survival Knife cold steel bushman spear handle
Secure your spear shaft with a screw, nail or wooden pin.

I use my Bushman to baton wood, skin game, cut, chop and for any rugged knife task, you can imagine and it’s still going strong. I have sharpened it a few times and always put a light coat of oil on it to prevent rust, but that’s all it’s needed to continue performing.

The Cold Steel Bushman comes from the factory razor sharp. I cut myself and had no idea until I saw blood on my table.

I trust this budget survival knife that this is the knife that I keep in my get home bag. It’s priced right, it’s tough and if it gets lost or stolen, oh well, I’ll shell out another $20-25 and have another one to replace it with.

bushman purchase

This is a great budget survival knife for the budget minded prepper!