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2 Focus Points for the New Prepper

The idea of prepping might seem overwhelming to some. There are so many things we need to be prepared, right? Wrong.

There are only 2  Focus Points for the new prepping and they can help keep you alive and well for weeks.

2 Focus Points for the New Prepper

There are really only 2 things you need right now, if you want to start prepping for the future. If you have a way to provide these 2 things, they can keep you alive for a couple weeks.

Take your time, take a deep breath.

Everything else can be added as you go.

The 2 KEY Focus Points

  1. Warmth (or shelter): This is the most important item to have. Cold or wet weather can kill a person in a very short time, sometimes just a few hours. If you can stay dry and warm, you can live for up to 3 days without water. If you have a home, or a place to get out of the elements, then you are there. A tent or a sleeping bag, with a weather proof Bivy cover (bivy sack) and a heavy duty space blanket (to lay on or wrap up in inside your sleeping bag), might be the only answer you need.Keep in mind, that during the winter, if the power is out, your house can get pretty cold. Setup your tent indoors, or make a tent with a table and some blankets, then use your sleeping bag, and more blankets, to maintain your temperature.
  2. Water: A person can only live for 3 days without water. Get water, store water or find a way to treat or filter unclean water. We’ve covered water filtration and water purification in many articles and posts on this site.

I know, many of you are asking “What about food?”.

That’s a great question. You can can live three weeks without food. If you take care of your immediate needs of Warmth and Water (the 2 W’s), then you’ve got up to 3 weeks to find some food.

I don’t want to go without food, but you have to learn to prioritize for survival situations so you choose properly when making decisions. For a good start there are only 2 Key Focus Points to Start Prepping!


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