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SPAM as survival food

We all know what SPAM is, but did you know that you can use SPAM as survival food?

SPAM as survival food

If there ever comes a time where food is scarce, a wise individual would have been prepared with many a case o’ Spam.  I’m sure you are wondering why I am such a fan of Spam. Let me give you some data on what I’ve discovered.spam the perfect survival food geekprepper

I was raised in a pretty anti-spam household. Only as a strapping young adult, did I get to sample this delicious entree.

Yes, I like Spam. I’ll go one better, I love Spam. I had no idea it was so freaking delicious, ohhhhh my parents messed with my mind, pretending it was some nasty thing, to be avoided at all cost. This should have been my first clue that my parents were up to no good, but that’s a story for another time.

Many of us, who were raised in the rural countryside, know that we can hunt for food (aka meat) in the wild, but some  of us do not realize that a diet of lean meat, without any kind of fat taken in along the way, will give you protein poisoning and you’ll probably die.

Spam isn’t lean, not in the least. One 12oz can of spam contains 6 2-ounce servings. One 2-ounce serving will give you 15g of fat. Fat, that your body will need in lean times. Toss in the 767 mg of sodium, that you won’t get from deer or rabbit and you’ve just supplied your body with 2 vital “nutrients”, that can make a huge difference, in your post SHTF life.

Another great thing about Spam, is that it’s canned meat. It requires no refrigeration and, according to the Hormel website, the shelf life of Spam  is “indefinite”. Hormel also states that spam will be safe to eat much much longer than the “Enjoy By” date, although the flavor may decrease over time.

Spam bonus: no one really wants to carry around a bunch of cans of SPAM in their Bug Out Bag, SPAM now comes in a 24 pack of single serve pouches . Those pouches will fit much better in our bags! I just ordered 2 24 packs!

Stock up on Spam as a survival foo. It stores “forever”, its delicious and will provide the fat and sodium you and your family will need.

A zillion Filipino people and I can’t be wrong.

And to prove we aren’t snobs, here’s some Treet!


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  1. Is there something compatible with SPAM that has no pork? I am very allergic to pork (AND don’t eat it for religious reasons), so this is not an option for us.

    Thank you


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