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Gerber MP600 Pro Scout Review

I’ve been seeing the with the fancy RemGrit blade and Fiskars scissors and thought to myself that the Gerber Mp600 Pro Scout would be the multi-tool to get next.

Gerber MP600 Pro Scout Review

This review will cover the differences between the Gerber Pro Scout 600 and the Gerber 600. They are very similar, but you can catch up on the different features by checking out the original Gerber 600 Multitool review.

The first impression of the Gerber MP600 Pro Scout is that looked about the same as the Gerber 600, until you open it up to reveal all the tools!

The Gerber MP600 Pro-Scout includes:

  • needle-nose pliers
  • wire cutter
  • crimper
  • standard/metric ruler
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • bottle/can opener, 
  • serrated sheepsfoot blade/drop point blade
  • Fiskars scissors with lanyard ring
  • RemGrit Saw (replaceable saw blade)
  • file
  • small, medium, and large flathead screwdrivers
Non-replaceable wire cutters


  • The only knife blade is about 1 inch of regular knife and the remainder is serrated. I like serrated and it does come in handy, but on the standard Gerber 600 you get a serrated blade and a regular knife blade.
  • Non-replaceable wire cutters, the standard Gerber 600’s wire cutters can be replaced once you dull them or notch them up from use.


  • Fiskars scissors – You don’t realize how many times you need flipping scissors, until you’ve got them.
  • Interchangeable and replaceable Saw blade attachment (where RemGrit saw blade is currently mounted).  The saw blade can be replaced with any 2 inch (or 5cm) universal jigsaw blade. When you are ready to replace the blade (or it is worn out) you can swap it with a choice of blades that are designed for different types of materials: wood, metal, plastics, etc. The Gerber Pro-Scout comes by default with a RemGrit blade, which is a multipurpose saw blade suitable for cutting pretty much anything (although maybe not as neatly as a material-specific blade would). I have heard stories of people cutting through some pretty tough steel with these RemGrit blades. It took them a while, but it did the job.



 Gerber MP600 Gerber MP600 Pro Scout
 gerber600-1gerber pro scout needle nose pliers


The Gerber MP600 Pro-Scout has some outstanding features, namely the ability to accept any 2 inch (or 5cm) universal jigsaw blades and the Fiskars scissors. This makes for a very versatile and adaptable tool, but only if you can deal with a single multi-edged knife (1 inch of standard knife and the remainder being serrated) and non-replaceable wire-cutters.

I myself can accept the cons of this multi-tool, especially when I can carry separate wood and steel cutting jigsaw blades to compliment the RemGrit blade. Replaceable wire-cutters would have been nice, but honestly, what other tool comes with those, except the Gerber 600. The Gerber 600 would be hard to beat, but I think the Pro-Scout came out even.


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