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Are Flip Phones the Answer to Cellphone Tracking, Privacy?

We all love the convenience of mobile technology.

A smart phone with it’s integrated GPS, email, calendaring, office suites, a zillion apps and the ability to call and text is a true wonder of the modern age.

There is also a potential dark side to this technological marvel.

Every time you slip it in your pocket you are on the radar and your movements, position, orientation and conversations are all open to someone. You are carrying the tracking device in your pocket!

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Complete Guide to Clean, Strip, & Maintain your New AK-47

Cleaning your AK-47? But it’s so rugged, and…Russian.  

Despite the ruggedness of your AK-47 and its renowned ability to function with sand, grunge, and grit choking its internals, basic cleaning and maintenance program will certainly extend the life of your equipment.

This is a quick guide on AK-47 Cleaning and Maintenance!

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AK-47 Cleaning and Maintenance
    1) Cleaning Products (Pick-n-choose)
    2) Field stripping the AK-47
    3) Initial Cleaning
    4) Degreasing
    5) Lubrication
    6) Protection and Storage
Alternate cleaning methods for the AK-47

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