Bug Out Boat

In our efforts to head for the hills, you can expect traffic jams and blockades, maybe we need to consider another, time tested method of travel: the Bug Out Boat.

Bug Out Boat

I’m not talking about jumping in a boat and heading out to sea when the SHTF; or am I?

I’m talking about avoiding trouble.

Bridges are natural choke points. They are the perfect place for government troops to run checkpoints and roadblocks, but even more serious, a great spot for bad guys, to ambush families that are heading out of dodge!

Even in the best scenario, that bridge, that you need to cross, might be choked with broken down and abandoned vehicles.

You have to be ready.

Most of us have some major rivers or water in our path of escape. Heck, I live on a peninsula, with a mile wide river on one side. There are only 2 or 3 bridges for me to get to the freedom of Virginia, without going through a major city.

I’ve collaborated with experts in various fields, on this situation since I started my research into prepping.

How can I avoid those choke points?

They all have the same answer.

Use a bug out boat!

Boat Selection

You may choose whatever is convenient, and accessible for you, a canoe, kayak, boat or inflatable raft.

If you watch trade and barter sites (Craigslist) or eBay, you will eventually find a canoe or a kayak.

The canoe and the kayak have been used for travel far back into history. If it’s good enough for our Native Americans to travel the North American waterways, then it’s good enough for me. The single downfall of a canoe or kayak would be deciding what do you do with it, when you need to move on. Do you desert it, or drag it with you?

While, not as durable, an inflatable boat would be a solid choice. You could toss it in the car pretty easily, for automotive bug out. You could even have a spare inflatable boat, and still take up almost no room.

I started saving my pennies and finally was able to afford the Intex Excursion 5, inflatable boat. It’s large enough for my family and our back packs.

Excursion 5 is a large inflatable boat.
Excursion 5 is a large inflatable boat.


Before you even attempt to use a boat, in a crisis, you really need to familiarize your family with the boat itself. The last thing you want in an emergency is to toss panicked or stressed-out people into a boat, that they’ve never seen in their life!

Make boating a relaxing experience. Take your family out in the boat for some recreation time. Row around the lake, enjoy the ambiance and maybe do some fishing. This should happen often enough, that they become used to the boat and understand boat safety.

They’ll enjoy this experience, and you’ll get bonus points, for being a great family member! They don’t have to know, that you are stealthily preparing them for bugging out by boat.

The Plan

If the SHTF here’s my plan.

I will grab the items on this list:

After I get all this gear (and people) stowed, we can head out.

Once we make it to the river, we decide whether to head across it (at an angle of course), or drift quietly downstream. Drifting downstream, would take us away from the metropolitan area, and deeper into a safer, more rural area.

While the roads and bridges are jammed with traffic, cars and desperate people, we’ll be heading away from the city.

I’m not saying there won’t be other people, getting out of dodge, in their boats, on that same river, but I’m hoping that there will be less of them, and that they’ll be less desperate (dangerous).

If your path is blocked at a waterway, try to avoid those choke points, bridges.  Cross that river, bay or stream in your bug out boat.

Safety first! Everyone in the boat must wear life jackets at all times!


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