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What if SHTF Never Happens?

I’m constantly asked “What if you prep and nothing ever happens?” or “What if SHTF Never Happens?”

Would it all be a waste?

What if SHTF Never Happens?

“What if you prep and nothing ever happens? Would it all be a waste?”

My Answer to that question is “Not at all”

Preparedness is wise. Tough times happen all the time.

For example, If you change jobs, many times they hold your paycheck for a payroll cycle or two.

Missing a regular paycheck or two, is not a life threatening situation, but it’s nice to know that you have food, avoiding that grocery expense, until the money starts flowing again.

That’s just one example of how prepping has helped my family out already. I dipped into our food stash when times were tough. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it sure made a big difference.

Being a prepper, reintroduced my family to outdoor activities, like hiking and camping. We’re getting exercise, learning about nature and just having fun.

Prepping has also led me to learn and become more self sufficient.  I’m raising food (getting better every year), trying to buy meat and eggs from local farmers and trying to be healthier!

Prepping has lead me to learn skills that are almost forgotten in this day and age. I’ve learned dutch oven cooking, farming, basket weaving (kinda), depression era recipes, etc.

In essence we are relearning and passing on the soon-to-be-lost skills, from the old days. This is all valuable knowledge, that we are cataloging! We’re all preserving heritage, if you will.

Hopefully we’ll pass these skills to our children and they will be able to provide for themselves and pass on these same skills.

What if SHTF Never Happens? If the S never HTF, will all this prepping have been a waste.

“Not at all”


  1. I really liked this article, never thought about the heirloom of knowledge. Had it not been for “prepping” i would never have raised cows, or gardend. Not at all is right. Merry christmas

  2. SHTF situations don’t have to be catastrophical. They can simply be loss of a job for either short or long term, natural disasters like earthquakes or severe storms, a longer term power outage, a serious unexpected health problem, even something as ‘mundane’ as retirement, which these days, for many, can mean seriously reduced incomes. Having supplies put by means you stay fed, have some of life’s basics, and you’re not at the near-rioting stores. You might even want to donate a portion of your supplies to someone who is in desperate need. Anything you have on hand that will get you through the difficult periods is never wasted.

  3. just want to add a couple of things. good to see you are making an efert to prep for the future unknown, the past has shone shtf happens all the time be it big or small. and the best thing to do is be prepaired for it the best you can, and teach the kids good skills. yuo might want to try to barter with the farms in your area for say half a cow our a pig as when haying season hit a couple of extra hands is a big help. or things you might be good at you would be suprised at what will be help full and if you do not want cash it will be alot easyer to open doors if you know what i mean as im starting a small farm myself . you can also get veggies whan harvest time if you help , then you can try canning its not hard and fun for the whole family . keep prepping and good luck. nyhb out

  4. Being prepared for the unknown is never a waste of time, resources or energy. Disaster can strike at any moment. We can go from modern convenience to stone-age in the blink of an eye.

  5. Shtf will happen. In the bible it says in the end times, bread will cost a weeks worth wage. Yes, learning new skills will be helpful, yet, the best advice I have for all preppers, draw closer to God, tell others to get closer to God. So whenthe rapture happens you will skip the worst of it. The preps you leave behind will hopefully end up in the hands for those with children, elderly. Remember, when you make it in the rapture to pray for your loved ones left behind. God bless America, patriots, and all who seek him.

  6. Not happen??? Major economists disagree! It is NOT IF it is only WHEN!! Keep at it, don’t slow down, teach prepping all U can to others. I praise God for sites such as this who have helped me greatly. I have taken their advice, now am relaxed as I see all the problems arise.

  7. I can only wish I had started prepping earlier, I was faced with 14 weeks of rolling layoffs and got hit from every direction. The whole art of being a prepper is just being prepared, which I was not, but am learning to be now.

  8. It happend two days ago! I blew a tire on my way to work. But I used my tow strap to get off the road. Put on my exta socks and gloves from my EDC BOB ( it was really cold). Then I used my emergency safety blanket tarp to put on the ground while I crawled under the car to set the jack and to change the tire. When I was done a candy bar and bottle of water was very helpful. Ok I didn’t get to use all my gear or assassinate the hords of the undead, but I was glad to have what I needed when I needed it.

  9. How about the joy of doing things by yourself? It just feels great to solve a problem or situation and more so when we were prepared for it!

  10. We had some tremendous expenses for a couple months. My prepping got us through. I didn’t have to spend anything on food and we had plenty to eat. This is why I prep.

  11. With prices rising dramatically in never happened before increments, prepping just plain makes sense. I made a MAJOR Aldi’s and Sam’s run today. A little while ago, canned veggies were 10 cents lower at Aldi’s and significantly lower at Sam’s. Salaries have NOT increased so we have to adjust somehow. What we have to realize is that SHTF has ALREADY happened. Just ask anyone who worked a full-time job with benefits for years how they like part time with no benefits.

  12. I never realized I was a prepper until one day as I was browsing the web and came across a site dealing the topic that I was looking for, it was MAINEPREPPER. So I started to watch some of his videos and guess what? I was a prepper and didn’t even know it. Shtf can happen at any time, it could be the loss of your job, an unexpected illness like me (I have MS and CHF) or a regional/national/global disaster. Relearning the skills that many of us had as a kid as well as new skills just makes sense.

  13. It does not matter where you live something will happen. West coast – earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides. Mid-west – tornadoes, fracking quakes, floods, droughts.
    I live on the east coast in a hurricane zone. I’ve been prepping for a while and from time to time it has come to fruition. We have lost power due to drunk drivers knocking down power poles, power company doing maintenance (a lot), ice storms, snow, Nor-Easters, and hurricanes.
    I got a generator a long time ago. After watching people stand in line in the rain and snow for gas after hurricane Sandy (barely a cat 1 by the time it came ashore), I had a natural gas line installed and I bought a “Motor Snorkel” for my generator. It will now run on gasoline, natural gas or propane. I have a swimming pool (18,000 gal) and I bought a Sawyer water filter.
    I have been gradually building a dried food storage from different vendors (I would rather have a variety than the same dull MRE).
    Google stories after Katrina, or Sandy or any other disaster. The lessons learned are clear.
    When it comes to the safety of your family, prepping pays for itself.


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