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Trapping with mouse traps and rat traps

For small game trapping, have you considered trapping with Mouse traps or Rat traps?

Trapping with Mouse Traps or Rat Traps for the non-trappers

Many people have never set a tradition leg hold trap or body trap, but most of us have at least seen a mouse trap or rat trap and are familiar with it’s operation.

I know that the concept of eating something from a mouse trap or rat trap is gross, but survival isn’t pretty and people will be very desperate. Better to be grossed out and alive than hungry and dead!

There are plenty of small non-mouse and non-rat animals in the forest, there are squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks too. After a few weeks though, a mouse or rat might be a feast!

Mouse traps and Rat traps are mostly flat, you could easily fit a couple in your bug out bag or bug out kit. Keep in mind that the base is wood so after a couple uses withing a very short period of time, you’ll want to discard it and use a fresh one.

I have leg hold traps and body traps in my Bug-In kit and in my Automobile Bug-Out totes, but I can only carry 1 in my bug out bag, so I have a handful of Rat traps in there too!Trapping with mouse traps mousetraps rat traps rattraps

A little bait and some patience and some small animal is going to have it’s last meal. That’s sad, but it’s the circle of life and this might be the only meal you can get for a while.

You could avoid resorting to mouse traps, and plan ahead by learning how to trap by reading a few books on trapping, and buying some leg hold traps and body traps now before the SHTF.


  1. I carry these old timey wood & Spring wire rat traps in my Wilderness BOB… in case I need to take squirrels and similar… But I also carry mouse trap sized ones,, I do not intend to Eat Mice ( I could, but they ae hardly worth skinning) But,, mice are the means to bigger and better meals,, dead, or alive . they are good bait for many larger critters,, foxes,, possums, raccoons, coyotes ,crows. snakes,, etc.. and fish,, big fish,, a mouse appearing to swim across a pond or slow stream will be irresistible to bass, Catfish, pike,, big trout.. and more.
    I also carry a BB pistol to shoot mice with for the same reason: Bait.

  2. https://amzn.to/1uczt2z
    Re: Keep in mind that the base is wood so after a couple uses withing a very short period of time, you’ll want to discard it and use a fresh one.”
    Here’s a metal trap that looks like it would do a good job of trapping small game and does not have the issues that a wooden one would.

  3. While I would like to eat squirrel again the ones that are local are scrawny little things. They feast on the mango trees in the city where I live and they seem healthy. I don’t intend on eating mice or rats from the city.

    I have recently had the opportunity to eat field or paddy rat. I had it spiced and fried as well as barbecued – both very tasty. It was fresh (trapped that day) and came from a rural area of Thailand (where I live, the area is my default bug out location as that is where my wife’s family lives). The liver was particularly nice on the barbecue. I also eat the local insects – crickets and grasshoppers are very good, I can’t do the silk worms though. I am posting this not as a gross out or to “big up” myself. I try to eat regional and what the local people do.


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