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Time to stock up on silver!

The Federal Reserve is pumping $85 billion a month into the economy. That’s $85 billion fake dollars every month, backed by nothing. It’s deflating the buying power of the dollars in your wallet and the dollars in your paycheck. It’s time to stock up on silver before that dollar takes its inevitable nose dive!

Time to stock up on silver!

It’s not fair to you and me. We’ve worked hard to get where we are and we continue to work our butts off but our dollars are buying less than ever.

I’ve been watching the economy and the way things are moving and I’m really uncomfortable with the state and strength of our dollar. It’s time for me to add some precious metals to the mix, but I can’t afford a bunch of gold….

I can afford to start buying a few ounces of silver at at time though.

Silver values will go up and down, that’s normal fluctuation and that’s mostly because of people playing games in the silver markets. That’s all smoke and mirrors.

The good thing about Silver (or Gold) is that even if the dollar dies and become worthless, Silver will still have value. Silver and Gold will maintain enough value to get you the essentials you’ll need when you’ll need them. The dollar will be used as tinder for our campfires and as toilet paper for our bums.

Right now I’m shopping on Amazon and I can get an ounce of silver for just under $24/oz. I think I can safely buy 1 or 2 ounces per week.

That’s $100-200/month and I’ll just budget for it and treat it like a bill. It’s not like I’m losing anything, even if I don’t have to use it, I’ll have a nice little investment for later on in life or to bury in the yard for my children to find, once the government collapses on them.

Be smart the Time to stock up on silver is upon us, so get some silver while your dollar can still purchase some.

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  1. Hear Ya!
    I spent ten years working in the goldmines, but never bought any. However- I do have some silver, and will be acquiring more shortly.The current spot price of Silver, is not much more than what it costs to mine and refine it- this is because it’s price is being manipulated. (But when the banksters lose control of it, it will rapidly rise to where it should be.) Get yours while there is still some to be had- you won’t regret it.

  2. I also see silver as the best hedge against the dollar. I don’t expect to get rich at all, but simply to hold an asset that has a proven monetary value. Think about the 1964 quarter (90% silver, also found in half dollars and dimes) It could buy a gallon of gas. Todays quarter will get you about .07 gallon of gas, but the 1964 quarter still has a value of around $4.30. Although it cannot be eaten, if you have been prepping for the end of the dollar, then you likely have the necessities. Having silver will be a great help as the morons rebuild using the “CanaMexaUSA-dollar”

  3. I believe we have two types of people. 1 type says no way the dollar will collapse. The other type know it will collapse but don’t have a date. I am done telling people to buy silver as you can’t convince 1 side to switch over.Those that have tried know the utter frustration of knowing something that no one will listen to. I say at the price silver is now I just wish I had more money to spend on silver. I feel comfortable with over4,000 oz and some 1/10oz Mexican Libeartads. In Mexico where you have you bank account you go in make you order and 3 days later they are in your hands. my 1oz Liberatads are spot plus about $3.00. I wanna say it now cause I won’t be able to say it later. I TOLD YOU SO.
    Silver will explode. When the CFTC who finally decided to investigate the obvious is done people will wish and you’ll hear lots of you know I should have bought silver at $24.00 or whatever. You can only do what you can do. Push the issue to hard with friends and you may loose them.
    Time will tell. With this crazy market it could be anytime but the day will come.

  4. Just one point…Have any of you tried to use a dollar bill or even a 100 Dollar Bill as TOILET paper? I doubt it. But, If you think that you will be using it to wipe your back of the frontside, with any degree of comfort, your going to be sadly disappointed with the results.


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