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Does The Gunbox Keep your Firearm Safe & Easy to Access?

Firearms are paramount to home defense, but you’ve got to keep your weapon out of the wrong hands.

If it’s locked up, can you quickly access it when you need it? There are many quick access pistol safes on the market, but most of them only provide limited features or mounting options. This was true until one of my readers recommended The GunBox!

The GunBox

I already have a couple quick access gun safes. I like them just fine, but they only support a single mounting method. They have holes in the bottom for screwing or bolting down to a solid surface, are only designed to open in one direction, and when you look at them you instantly know that it’s a pistol safe.

That’s fine, and they work exactly as I expected, and they keep my firearms secure and make them quickly accessible. On these counts, I guess I really can’t complain.

Quick Access Safe Wishlist of Features

What if a company decided to think outside the box and give us a quick access pistol safe with some options?

Let’s think about some options we’d want if we had a wish list:

  • Biometric fingerprint scanner, that works regardless of the orientation of my finger (360° fingerprint scanner)
  • Audible Alarm – motion and/or vibration detection
  • Multiple mounting options, vertical, horizontal or upside down – you have no idea where I may want to mount this safe!

This wish list isn’t long, doesn’t sound impossible, and seems like it should be pretty simple for a company to implement. Why is it that no company is adding these types of features? It’s not like we’re asking for GPS tracking or something.

Gun Storage Evolved

This all changed one day, when one of our readers sent me the link to TheGunBox.com.

As I read over the website, I couldn’t believe the features that their quick access safes offered.

GunBox Features:

  • 360° Biometric fingerprint scanner (holds multiple fingerprints, up to 100)
  • 24/7 monitoring, GPS tracking and alert notifications (on the Premier model, with monthly subscription fee)
  • RFID scanner
  • Sleek wristband (RFID) for quick access
  • Stickers (RFID) for quick access
  • Aircraft strength aluminum alloy shell
  • Internal motion/vibration sensor with audible alarm
  • Battery backup with shut off switch
  • Mounting holes to allow for mounting in nearly any orientation
  • 2 USB ports (5 Watt at 1 amp) for charging devices or connecting accessories
  • Kensington lock port (lock and cable not included)

They totally met the requirements on my wishlist, then took it over the top with GPS tracking! If that wasn’t enough they even threw in 2 USB ports, for device charging, and the ability to use a Kensington lock cable.

Wow. This is more than I dared to dream. They must have psychics that design their products. Well played, GunBox, well played.


The GunBox doesn’t look like a gun safe. My first thought when I saw it was “wireless router” or “computer thingee”. That’s very cool, because I can’t recall the last time that a thief, broke into a house and made a B-line for the wireless router.

The GunBox has a very sleek, modern design, so it tends to fit in much better than your traditional firearms safes. I like the look of this device, not that I’d design my decor around it.


The GunBox can be opened via fingerprint, RFID bracelet, RFID ring and RFID sticker, or a combination of fingerprint AND one of those RFID items. That’s like having 2-factor authentication for your safe (sorry I had a nerd moment there).

GunBox Bracelet

At first the fingerprint reader, and the RFID bracelet, impressed me. That is until I started tinkering with the RFID sticker! The sticker is paper thin, so it could be stuck to anything. For example you could have it stuck inside the cover of a book, someplace near your safe. All you need to do is touch the book cover to the safe and viola, you have access. You could stick it to the bottom of a vase or other decoration, the only limit is common sense, security and your imagination!

Bonus Cool Features

A finger print reader that doesn’t care about the angle of your finger, Internal motion/vibration sensor with audible alarm, GPS tracking and alert notifications (via TXT to your phone), the ability to take it with me and secure it via the Kensington lock port, and 2 USB Ports!  The USB output is only 5 Watt at 1 amp, so it won’t fast charge your tablet or super deluxe smart phone, but it will still charge them.

gunbox usb kensington ports
2 USB Ports…sheer genius!


Placement and mounting is important. There are places in my home, that I would love to have a quick access pistol safe, but traditional mounting options just won’t work. This is another big win for my GunBox. I can mount it horizontally, vertically, or even upside down. There is also the option to secure it via a Kensington lock, with these choices, the location options are endless!

After seeing all the options I set out to mount my GunBoxes.

GunBox #1 mount (Vertical Install)

GunBox #1 was easy I decided to do a vertical mount, inside a cabinet (to save space).

The gunbox come with 2 mounting holes, that are started for you, but you have to drill out the final hole. This was easily accomplished with a normal hand drill and a decent drill bit. I started with a small bit and worked up to the diameter I needed for my lag screws (lag screws because I didn’t want the hex head of the lag bolts to scratch my pistol).

GunBox also includes a “stop block” that will only allow the GunBox to open to 45°, this is important for upside down mounting (obviously) and works well for most vertical installs.

GunBox #2 mount (Kensington Lock Cable)

GunBox #2 I had decided on a night stand or dresser install. Once I started thinking about this, I realized that an intruder could probably bust off the top of my nightstand or dresser and walk out of the house carrying a plank of wood with my GunBox bolted too it.

I didn’t like that idea, even though the thought of an intruder carrying the dresser top with the GunBox’s Audible Alarm beeping insanely was kind of funny to me.

I decided to secure my GunBox via the Kensington Lock cable to something more secure; the wall, itself!

gunbox kensington mounting gear

This took some planning. The standard eye-bolt could simply be unscrewed from the wall, negating my setup.

I needed something that couldn’t be unscrewed and was designed for security. Then it hit me.

A heavy duty Hasp!

I jumped on Amazon.com and ordered the Kensington MicroSaver Notebook Lock and Security Cable (uses a key not a combination) and a Master Lock Heavy Duty Hasp Straight Bar.

I located the stud in my wall closest to where I’d be placing my safe and drilled my pilot holes. That Heavy Duty Hasp is NOT moving anytime soon!

high security hasp
I’ve upgraded the lock, since this picture was taken!

Once the hasp was securely mounted, I simply attached the Kensington lock to the GunBox.

gunbox mounted

Final Thoughts

Finally I found a quick access pistol safe that not only gives me flexible mounting options, but also adds GPS tracking and Txt Alerts, an Audible alarm if curious hands start messing with it, a design that doesn’t scream “GUN SAFE, THERE’S TOTALLY A GUN IN HERE!”, and provides me 2 USB ports to charge my devices on my nightstand.

GunBox has done it right, designed a solid product with modern features and now they have a big fan and customer in me, for life!


  1. pop quiz: what takes less time, me reaching for my pistol in the bedside holster next to me or you fumbling to open some box in the dark? What if you had 5 seconds to react?

    • What if you have children in the house? What if you leave your gun home while you go to the store?

      I can wave my arm over this box, with the bracelet on and it pops open almost instantly, so I’d say it’s probably almost as fast as your holster, but safer.

  2. I’ve always though that ideas behind these was remarkably stupid. If you’ve got children in the house, do what my parents did; educate them on the dangers involved, so that they understand to leave it alone. This ridiculous notion that you have to protect your children from the use of firearms comes, in my opinion, from a lack on the parents part to take the time to educate their kids on these matters, and perhaps more importantly, an unwillingness by many parents to properly discipline their children when they disobey them. I knew if I ever dared to touch one of my dad’s guns without his permission, there would be hell to pay and I would have a very sore ass for my trouble.

    It’s your money to waste, but I bet I can buy an awful lot of ammunition, and probably another gun, for what you pay for one of these.


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