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The Dog, Natures Alarm system.

Without a dog, what will you do to alert yourself and your family to trouble around your property when there is no electricity for your motion lights or home alarm system? If society fails and you want to hunker down, wouldn’t it be good to know that someone is snooping around your place at night? A dog will let you know!

Dogs, Nature’s Early Warning System

Yes a dog.
Most dogs learn their territory and pack mates (your family) very quickly. They will bark and raise a ruckus to alert the pack to any unusual sounds or events, and in my case, to alert me that there is a bird in the back yard and it needs to be chased away IMMEDIATELY.

I have a cockapoo and a dachshund, not the most manly dogs, but they are awesome, when it comes to people hanging out in front of my house or when they hear something that is out of the norm in our area. They bark when someone knocks at the door, even if I’m not home.

If you have small children, please do the research on the breeds, but I’ve seen and heard awesome things about the Mastiff dog breed and families with young children. The mastiff also requires very little exercise, typically.

Dog Nature's Early Warning System alarm
Rhodesian Ridgeback

If you have older kids, and are a competent, experienced dog owner, then maybe you’d want a dog that is territorial, yet loyal. Sounds like I just described the Rhodesian Ridgeback or the Airedale terrier.

Of course, if you are that experienced with dogs, then you’ve already have your favorites and know what you need or want.

Dog, man’s best friend and the best, natural, early warning system. Do I believe it? Heck yes I do!


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