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How to Select & Build the Optimal Bug Out Bag

Choosing a backpack is tough. Choosing a bug out backpack is even tougher. The wrong bag could leave you holding the bag... or dead.A....

Tactical Patrick Backpack

I needed another backpack, about as much as I need another hole in my head, but when I was poking around at this small...

How to Pack & Organize Your Bug-Out Bag

Now your gear is in 5-7 smaller kits. Each kit is in a separate dry bag, protected from water.

pack as a bug out bag

The ILBE Pack is designed to carry a load of up to 120 lbs and to distribute that weight in an attempt to make it comfortable.

Check Your Preps Regularly

Needs change and entropy applies to all things. You need to check your preps regularly.Check Your Preps Regularly Mark your calendar and check your preps...

Survival Kit Needs versus Wants

When you think about what a survival bag or bug-out bag is, you probably have a different idea than the guy across the street...

HellCat Alice Pack Mods (Bug Out Bag)

Camo Md Alice pack. Note the "shelf" on the bottom of the pack.As any good Boy Scout would do, I'm working on being prepared....

Prepping When You Have Children

Thinking about SHTF is bad enough, but when you add your children to the equation it gets that much more serious. Prepping When You...

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