Survival of the Mind

A man who knows something about survival, explains that his training did not make him indestructible, but taught him to recognize his limitations and compensate for them, using survival of the mind.

Survival of the Mind

The reasons that people manage to survive one emergency or another varies widely. Some folks are just in the wrong place at the wrong time and never had a chance, regardless of their survival skills. Many of the most seasoned survivalists could be brought to their knees in some situations, especially in events where the elements are extremely brutal.

One man, a member of the US Military Special Forces, and has been in situations of survival, put it as plain as day. He explained that his training did not give him some delusions of being indestructible, but taught him to know his limitations and compensate for them using some simple survival of the mind.

It is vital that everyone understands that, rarely, do things go as planned. You cannot assume you have some enchanted power that will carry you through an emergency situation. Sure there are miraculous stories of people living through insanely intense situations, but you can’t count on that type of luck saving you.

Very few people live to tell their stories of extreme survival, and the ones that do get movie and book deals.

How many movies and books have you seen about those type of situations? Not to many. Sheer luck isn’t something you want to hang your survival on.

Psychology explains that your brain is the master of your wants and desires. This is where your motivations come from. Think of your brain as a muscle that needs exercising. You must prepare your brain to respond to emergency survival situations.

These three tips are things you can do to increase your odds of survival.

  • Prepare and practice skills that will keep you alive. You will never practice enough.
  • Admit your shortcomings and seek out trained professionals to help you further your survival education.
  • Set goals for your survival preparedness. In a emergency set a short term goal like getting water, while setting a long term goal like making it back to your home and family.
  • Don’t give up
  • Don’t count on luck!

Survival of the Mind
Visualization is another survival of the mind trick. When things are cold and bleak, imagine sitting safely at home in front of a comfy fire. Calm your mind by telling it how you want to feel. Don’t let panic set in. If you do panic, you will start to mentally spiral out of control and things can only go wrong at that point.

Do not wait and hope for the best. Do not assume you will be one of the lucky ones. Give yourself an added edge and mentally prepare for anything.


  1. Good post, thanks for sharing. I would agree with most of what you wrote. As far as visualization goes I tend to feel otherwise. I have been in places where I was extremely uncomfortable, i.e. cold/wet/more wet/muddy/tired….generally hating life with no end in sight. Thinking about being in front of a fire at home sipping on coffee in hopes of feeling better about a situation is a pipe dream and changes nothing. In situations where the suck is extreme you simply must have the fortitude to drive on and not quit. Tricking yourself into believing you are elsewhere is the stuff of legend and does nothing to fix the fact that your socks are wet, your body is shivering and tired and you aren’t sure if you can take another step.

    Simply put you must accept your circumstance, deal with it and resolve never to quit. If you can’t hang, you quit and blame something other than THS (tiny heart syndrome).


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