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Survival Kit Needs versus Wants

When you think about what a survival bag or bug-out bag is, you probably have a different idea than the guy across the street does. If you asked a 100 people, you’d get 100 different answers, so you need to decide on your specific survival kit needs versus wants.

Survival Kit Needs versus Wants

One of the reasons survival kits vary so much, is because each person views their own specific needs and packs to accommodate them.

No matter who you are, there is one main thing you need to be aware of when packing that bug out bag; Only pack what you can carry. You’ll be carrying everything you need, on your back, every day. If you pack too much, it will be too heavy. This should convince you to you narrow down the items in your bag.


Another way to help you decide what goes into your bag is really understanding your survival kit needs versus wants.

You may want to pack every item from your home, but unless you can carry a moving van on your back, it is not realistic and most of that stuff will have to be left behind.


What are the basics of every human being’s needs.

The Law of Threes tells us:

  • Survival is possible for up to three minutes without air.
  • Survival is possible for up to three hours without warmth.
  • Survival is possible for up to three days without water.
  • Survival is possible for up to three weeks without food.

Air – this should be covered already. If you find yourself without air or oxygen for any reason, please move to a location with breathable air. Easy enough

Core body temperature – Second on the list of needs is maintaining your core body temp. avoid-hypothermia-5You will need to wear appropriate clothing and make sure you have the gear necessary to keep up or down your body temperature. Things like fire, clothing and shelter really help with maintaining your core body temperature.

Water – You will need to include a way to obtain water as well as a way to purify or filter that water.

Food – You need to know what food you can harvest in the wild or pack food in your bag.

Personal safety – You need to be prepared to handle any situation that robs you of life or limb. You must be prepared to make your safety the ultimate priority. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Knowing some self-defense is also key and doesn’t add any weight to your gear.

These are base needs that all humans have. Get the gear that enables you to take care of these needs. If you have these covered then that is all you need to worry about.


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