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Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness

Today I discovered some Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness, from the FEMA website.

Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness

Imagine how these number are when applied to a global scale.

What can we do to make these numbers better?

I don’t believe we can fix this situation for everyone, but we can ensure that our friends and family are covered. When you are prepping, take into account those in your lives, who do not prep.

If you know, deep in your heart, that you’ll be providing for those, in your life, who didn’t prepare, stock up when you can.

While we can’t take care of everyone, we do have a responsibility to help our friends and loved ones, as much as we can. These Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness show us, that we’re going to have a lot of company invited and uninvited. Prepare well, my friends!


  1. We dont have to go to SHTF is they dont know what we have.
    They wont be able to do anything if they think they are outgunned and they dont know where the guns are.
    Here is informaiton about privacy.

  2. I’ve enjoyed your site. I always pickup something new to think about my own preps. I think I read in one of your posts about storing water, that you could use plastic milk & juice bottles. I think the American Red Cross and FEMA have suggested not using those, but saying that the 2 liter pop bottle is the best. We store water, rice and oatmeal in these containers. Another thing I think I read in the same post was that you stored your water in the garage. This is not recommended due to summertime temps. A cooler storage place was suggested, like a basement.


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