Solar Power Progress

I got the Sunforce 60031 10amp Charge controller installed today. Now I can see the voltage of my battery bank.

The Sunforce 60031 10amp Charge controller can handle up to 150 Watts, so I know I’ll be replacing that in a few months, as I plan on purchasing 100 Watt Monocrystalline panels from now on.

I think the Sunforce 60032 30 Amp Digital Charge Controller, that can handle up to 450 Watts, may be my next charge controller, but we’ll see how that works out. If I get more than 4 100 Watt panels I may have to go bigger!

I also replaced the jumper cables I was using to chain together my 2 batteries in my battery bank.

solar-batterysMy system is really starting to look a lot less cobbled together than before.

Note the old, tiny charge controller still fastened to the wall stud. That’s to to be taken down.

I’m glad I took the slow, and “build as I go” approach to implementing a solar power system. If I’d have purchased a full “ready to go” solar kit, I wouldn’t be learning much at all.

Sunforce Solar charge contoller
Looks like the batteries are almost fully charged!

Next step, more higher powered panels!

See My Solar Power Setup as it progresses:


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