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Navigation OpSec

Google and Apple had no qualms about allowing your private data to be collected without a warrant, it’s time to stop using their services including their navigation services. You need to use GPS Navigation OpSec from now on.

Navigation OpSec

We are all as guilty as everyone else. We trusted services like Google Navigation, Google Maps, Apple Maps and equivalent services from other providers.

We know that these mass surveillance programs have been connecting directly into the servers and services of service providers, gathering your emails, text messages, call metadata, location and GPS data. It’s time to stop using these company’s services including their navigation services.

Companies and Services that don’t value your privacy:

  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. Microsoft
  4. Facebook
  5. Yahoo
  6. YouTube
  7. AOL and
  8. Skype

Letting these companies, who share this data with the government, know who you talk to, who you text, who you’re friends with, and where you travel is just too much information to share. These corporations and agencies don’t have our best interests in mind, they have their goals, that surely differ from your goals.

It’s so easy to search Google maps or Apple Maps, plug in an address, click a little star and have the address magically stored on your smartphone, ready for GPS navigation.

stand alone gps

It’s time to dig out that stand-alone GPS unit.

You want to avoid any of the GPS units that SEND data back to any provider. It’s ok to use the GPS satellite transmissions but you don’t want any data flowing back.

I’m not sure that any GPS units are 100% safe, but if you buy it with cash and are cautious about updating it at home, it’s going to be much much safer than the real time traffic GPS units.

I am fairly confident that even if you do buy a stand-alone GPS from Amazon, that they wouldn’t record the serial number or Host ID of the unit they send you, but you never know. Again it’s better than the GPS chip embedded in your phone or tablet, that can use wifi, 3G or 4G to transmit back to Google, Apple or your cell phone provider!

Keywords to Beware of when buying a GPS:

Look out for indicators that the GPS unit has a bi-directional communication mechanism (3G, 4G, WiFi that autoconnects to open networks).

  • Real Time map updates
  • Auto updating
  • Real Time Maps
  • Latest Maps
  • Latest Routes
  • Road Side Assistance

Phrases to look for when buying a GPS:

  •  Real time traffic is fine, as long as the unit is only a receiver, and doesn’t transmit my location.
  • Lifetime map updates are essential, but they must only be updated when I connect the GPS to my computer

The Garmin nüvi 52LM 5-inch GPS with Lifetime Maps meets all of these OpSec requirements!

Other Location Tracking

License plate readers on police cars and automated scanners affixed to bridges and buildings, have amassed millions of digital records, on the location and movement of every vehicle with a license plate, according to a study published in July, 2013, by  the American Civil Liberties Union.  Guess who wants this data now: DHS wants access to license-plate tracking system

police license plate reader

Car and Driver: How License-Plate Scanning Compromises Your Privacy

You’ll see that there is enough tracking of your location without us compounding it with complacency! There is no reason to trade more of our privacy for convenience!

Mass Surveillance groups will use whatever data they can get their hands on to monitor and track on you. It’s time for It’s time for some GPS Navigation OpSec.


  1. I can only agree with you on this. Also, with an off-line GPS you aren’t dependant on an active internet connection. However, as with any GPS, if SHTF it is possible that the commecial GPS units’ accuracy are brought down to 100m or less, or even disabled at all. So lit’s good to have some sort of a physical map and the skills to read them as a backup.


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