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Maximize your space with Under-Bed Storage

We’re always looking for way to optimize the space to store your preparedness supplies. What if you could maximize all that floor space under your bed?

Maximize your space with Under-Bed Storage

Why is it that we never have enough space to store all our stuff? Even the closets in today’s homes are tiny. What are we to do?

If only we could use the floor space, that a traditional bed takes up, we’d have a nice start on additional storage. The issue with that is that a traditional bed frame only gives you about 6 inches of height underneath it. That’s not enough to store anything.

Maybe if we all moved to Loft Beds. That’d be a great idea, if we were all in college, but some of us are old, rickety adults.

Luckily there is a whole slew of storage bed frames on the market that can allow you up to 14 inches of storage space, under your bed! This is a game changer.

Under bed Storage Bed FramesThese taller bed frames also allow us to get by, without using box springs, while providing a bed, that is still a normal height.

Now you can store tons of stuff under your bed. With an average King Sized bed, you could gain around 34944 cu inches of storage space. That’s space you can use to store some of your preps, like emergency food and water. Holy cow.

In today’s homes storage space is a commodity so it may make sense to maximize your storage, in previously wasted space, with under-bed storage.


  1. I found that instead of buying a new bedframe, I could deploy bed risers which I found at my local WalMart for less than $10. It gives me an additional 6-8 inches of space. The only negative is that I had to buy a step for my small dogs so they can reach the bed.
    Keep up the good articles


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