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Get in or Get through Kit

In a post-SHTF world food and medicine will be worth more than gold, but the easy pickings will probably be long gone by the time you get there. If you want to get the stuff you need you’re going to have to have a plan, that other scavengers didn’t have and the tools to make it happen.

Many of us have a good idea about what we need to bug out and to bug in, but do you know what tools you’ll need to get to vital resources or to get through blocked areas?

Get in or Get through Kit (overlooked tools for post-SHTF)

In a post-SHTF the easy pickings will probably be long gone by the time you get there. To get the resources that the scavengers haven’t plundered, you’re going to need a solid Get In or Get Through Kit!

Keep in mind that some of this gear is too heavy to lug with you everywhere you go, so you’ll only drag it out when you’ve found a promising location, that may have some un-looted essentials.

Do you know what tools you’ll need to get to vital resources or to get through blocked areas?

  • Halligan Tool: A Halligan bar (also called a Halligan tool) is a forcible entry tool used by firefighters and law enforcement. Perfect for getting those doors or windows to budge. The perfect companion to the Firefighter’s Axe!
  • Firefighter’s Axe: 6lbs of door or wall destruction. Typically paired with the Halligan Tool.
  • Crowbar: Food and medicine might be behind locked doors or gates. They might even be in the trunks of abandoned cars. How can you get to it? With a 36″ crowbar made of rugged hardened steel! Pry it open, pry it apart or beat it open with one of these babies. A 16″ crowbar might be good to have for smaller jobs or to carry for supply recon missions.
  • Sledge Hammer: Some things just have to be bashed open. There are a million uses for a sledge hammer!
  • Bolt Cutters: There are going to be roads or medians that you want to use that may be blocked with steel cables. There will be locked sheds and storage units that you’ll want to search. You’ll need to cut some locks and Bolt Cutters will be the way to do it. This is one item you’ll want to make sure you buy an American Made high quality item, because locks are built to be tough.
  • Come-a-long (manual winch): If your Bug out Vehicle gets stuck in some mud or if you need to move vehicles blocking a road, you’ll want to make sure to have a few come-a-long winches with you. You can even use one of these to pull things open or down if need be.
  • Hydraulic jack: If you need to change a tire or lift something very heavy this could be a life saver. Pair this with some heavy duty chains for versatility.
  • High-Lift Jack: Lift Items, Raise a vehicle to put something under the wheels for traction.
  • Metal Files: Its going to come down to making your own stuff and parts at some point. You may have to make a part for a firearm (not recommended for non-TEOTWAWKI times) or fashion a spear from a bar of metal. Who knows what will be, but if you have some decent files you can make things you’ll need.
  • Hacksaw: You’re going to have to cut some things, hard things, metal things, so let’s plan ahead. A decent, high quality hacksaw and lots of replacement blades will be of great value to you.
  • Pocket Knife: Everyone should always have a knife. For EDC the Swiss Army Knife comes in numerous configurations, doesn’t add much bulk, and is hard to beat.

If you have these items in your bag of tricks, there will be few barriers that can stand in your way!


  1. If we are just talking about hand tools one can’t overlook:

    Machetes, Pick Axes, and Axes (Single or Double Bit).

    Chopping, digging, or clearing debris is some times part of getting through too šŸ˜€

  2. My ROI for post-TEOTWAWKI: anyone observed scouting our ‘abandoned’ property, then attempting to enter a secured area will be shot without warning, and in the back if necessary.

  3. Good post. For overcoming really heavy duty locks (ones that are too much for a bolt cutter), think about getting a halligan tool and a force axe. These have for many years been successfully used for forced entry by fire departments everywhere.

  4. Instead of a hydraulic jack, I w3ould consider a high-lift (farm) jack. You can do much more with one of these than just change a tire. You can raise a stuck vehicle and put something under the wheel for traction, and many other uses.

  5. Nice to have if you have a vehicle. What if EMP hits and your nice bug out vehicle is dead. You going to hoof all that weight on foot? I put together a large alice pack with army sleep system, 3 man tent and all of my gear and brother was that thing heavy. Of course part of that was ammo. Got to determine if the tent or ammo are more important. Also figured I will have to put the .22 rifle on my wife’s pack. The plan is to get to our perm bug in location via 4×4 but acknowledge that might not be possible so we have horses stabled a couple of miles away and pack saddle to carry a lot of stuff but the Army taught me to war game for worst case scenario, therefore, I have rucks with frames for the three of us. If worst case happens, I’m not sure I can have the extra weight of a crowbar much less a sledgehammer.


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