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Garbage Bags in Your Survival Kit

Garbage bags may not seem like survival gear, but a garbage bag is a necessity in all survival kits.

Garbage Bags in Your Survival Kit

Garbage bags have a millions uses.

Any garbage bag will work, but the Contractor Grade Garbage Bags are stronger and are made from a thicker material.

Garbage Bags can be used for the following purposes:

  • Raincoat or poncho. Cut arm holes and a hole for your head. Put it on and you are protected against the driving rain.
  • Sleeping mat or protective ground layer. Lay the garbage bag down on the ground and recline, knowing that it is protecting you from the wet ground.
  • Shelter – Slit the bag so that it opens up, to cover the largest area possible then tape, tie or strap it up as you would with any tarp shelter.
  • Water catching – Hang from a tree, post or wall and let the rain water funnel in.
  • Water hauling – Fill with water and carry it with you or back to camp.
  • Rucksack (or poor man’s suitcase) to haul clothes, food or whatever else you need.
  • A sleeping bag. However, it may get wet inside and should not be used in cold weather, unless there is no other option.

Use clear garbage bags for:

  • Procuring water
  • Distilling water. A Solar still is simply a hole in the ground, filled with nasty water and covered with a clear plastic covering. A can sits in the center of the hole, and you place a small rock on top of the plastic cover to create a low spot. This allows the condensation to drip down into the can or container in the hole below.solar still
  • Gathering water from plants using the transpiration process. This works if you tightly secure a clear bag around a tree branch or bush, and harvest the water.
  • Storage/gear bag that can allow you to see everything inside.


Garbage bags are  light and take up very little room at. There is no good reason to not have some stuffed in your backpack. They are also great to use, after camping, to help clean up the area. Do you part and pick up your garbage as well as any other trash, that may be strewn about and do your part to leave the area a cleaner than it was.

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  1. Yes, Some time used garbage bags are used as a survival kits. Because most of the time people forget there survival kits at time of hiking and if they re in some problem than garbage bag save there life.

  2. wouldn’t include capturing or carrying potable water as a possible usage …. garbage bag manufacturers commonly coat the plastic film with chemicals for odor/mold/insect control ….


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