Home Essentials What is the Cost of 5 Gallons of Beans and Rice?

What is the Cost of 5 Gallons of Beans and Rice?

How much does it really cost to put away some home packed storage foods? What is the cost of 5 gallons of beans or rice?

What is the Cost of 5 Gallons of Beans and Rice?

We all see know that packing up some buckets of beans and rice is a wise investment, but what is the breakdown of cost for 2015?

I bought 100lbs of rice and 100lbs of beans to put together some food buckets for gifts and for staging at strategic locations . This gave me an good break down of the cost for someone assembling food buckets today.

The Beans, Rice and packing supplies

These prices include Maryland sales tax of 6%.


Rice (100lbs purchased at a Warehouse club)$36.00$0.03/ounce
Pinto Beans (100lbs)$91.90$0.06/ounce
6 Buckets (5 gallon)$18.90$3.15/bucket
6 Bucket Lids$10.74$1.79/lid
10 Mylar Bags & 10 Oxygen Absorbers (10 pack bundle)$22.00$2.20/1 Mylar Bag + 1 Oxygen Absorber
Total $179.54


Bean Bucket

100lbs of beans equated to 3 full buckets and about 4 lbs left over. That’s roughly 32 lbs of beans per bucket.

 30lbs of beans$29.41
 5 gal bucket $3.15
 5 gal bucket lid $1.79
 1 Mylar Bag + 1 oxygen absorber $2.20
 Total $36.55



Rice Bucket

100lbs of rice equated to 3 full buckets and about 1 lbs left over. That’s roughly 33 lbs of rice per bucket.

33lbs of rice$11.88
5 gal bucket$3.15
5 gal bucket lid$1.79
1 Mylar Bag + 1 oxygen absorber$2.20


beans and rice buckets
Sealed and ready to gift or to stash!


The Cost

One 5 gallon bucket of beans and one gallon bucket of rice together total $55.57 and give me about 65lbs of food (10 gallons). These foods, especially the rice, will absorb water when cooked and will provide much more than 65lbs of food.


  • Save a few bucks and avoid the fancy Mylar bag sealers, use your clothes iron and a bar of metal (like an old steel level) to seal your Mylar bags.
  • After you seal the bucket, splash some house paint on the outside of the bucket and lid to make it appear to be a bucket of paint! Starving people rarely steal a bucket of paint! Even better, make your top buckets in your stacks a real partial bucket of paint!


  1. I was wondering where you bought a food grade bucket for $3.15 …. then I saw the paint buckets …. question answered

    • Yeah, I used food grade Mylar inside those buckets. I prefer white, Food-grade buckets, but for this round, I felt some rudimentary camouflage couldn’t hurt.

  2. Why not get food grade buckets from restaraunts which you can more often than not get FREE then you can possibly not use the mylar bags saving more money. Most restaraunts will have extra and just give them to you for the asking.

  3. If you live around a Firehouse Subs, they sell their empty pickle buckets – 5 gallon, food grade with lid – for $2 and the money goes to charity.

  4. Check your local LDS store. They sell to the general public too. I get #10 cans for about 82 cents a pound for black beans, pinto are 90 cents a pound and white beans are 80 cents a pound.

  5. Lowes has food grade buckets for $4.50 and lids for $2. A little more, but at least the pails are food grade. I also saw a blog where a guy took one pound portions of rice, put them in new nylon stockings, then filled the rest of the mylar bag with beans. That way, you only have to open 1 mylar bag at a time to get equal quantities of both rice and beans. Of course I didn;t see this till AFTER I had packed 20 pails of rice and beans in separate pails.


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