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PVC RV Bunk Bed Rail

There are always those times when you just need to apply good old fashioned ingenuity. Here is how I designed some PVC RV Bunk Bed Rails to keep my kids from tumbling out of bed!

PVC RV Bunk Bed Rail

Shopping around, I was unable to find the exact type of RV Bunk Bed rails, to suite our situation. I searched high and low, I Googled, and I spent hours on Pinterest. I saw a couple ideas regurgitated over and over again.

I opted to build my own.

PVC Bunk Bed Rail Supplies

For each rail you’ll need:



Measure twice and cut once. This seemed to be my hard learned lesson for the day.



The hardest part is affixing the L-brackets to the PVC Pipe.

PVC measurements

The PVC connections (the 90 degree elbows and the T’s) take about 1.25 inches of PVC pipe inside them, so test fit and measure before you cut. In the above photo I measure and then traces around the washers to ensure I would have enough space and drill holes in the optimum places (for me it was 1.5 inches and 4.5 inches on a 5.5 inch leg section).


I fastened the PVC to the L-Brackets:

  1. Insert the L-bracket into the PVC Pipe and line up the hole in the L-bracket with the holes I drilled in the PVC Pipe.
  2. Then I put a washer on the bolt and inserted it into the hole in the PVC Pipe and through the L-bracket, added another washer, split lock washer and the nut (the 2nd washer, split lock washer and nut are concealed within the PVC Pipe).

Now all I have to do is screw the L-brackets down under the RV bunk bed mattress, or affix them to a piece of plywood and then lay the RV mattress on top of the plywood, so I can remove them quickly if needed.



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