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Water Containment Strategies

What will you do if you are unable to get water from your tap, during a crisis or emergency? Do you have your water containment strategies figured out?


Water Containment Strategies

It would be wise to learn how to obtain water, just in case there are ever issues with the public water supply. One water containment strategies that you should leverage is the ability to harvest rain water, in case the public supply is out of service for an extended period of time.

Rain Barrels

One of the most common water storing methods are rain barrels. A typical barrel will hold about 50 gallons of water. You can use a downspout diverter to route water to your barrels on when needed, or use your hacksaw and some ingenuity and have them permanently run straight into your rain barrels.


Use buckets, pots, pans, jars and other containers under your downspouts or rig up tarps or ponchos to funnel water into these containers. Make sure these containers won’t contaminate your water, especially if they are made of non-food safe plastics or materials.

Kiddie Pools

Grab the pool and drag it under your downspouts or rig up tarps, ponchos, plastic sheeting or trashbags to funnel water into the pool.


Dig a hole, line it with plastic (use heavy-duty garbage bags, or a  tarp) and let it to fill up with rain water.

Keep in mind that if you dig your hole directly under a downspout you may flood your basement or damage your foundation. You’ll want to use some landscape drainage pipe to route the water to your hole, away from your house.


If you have the space, and your yard allows for it, a decorative pond would be a nice permanent solution. This is a great way to store water and maybe even some fish.

Miscellaneous containers

In a true emergency don’t overlook empty trash cans, plastic storage totes, canoes or kayaks to gather rain water. Flip them so the opening is facing the sky and let them work for you!

Start planning your emergency water containment storage today so that you are ready for emergencies, when water may be limited or unavailable.


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