5 Best 300 Win Mag Rifles for [2020] Dead-on Sharp Shooting

For quite a few reasons, .300 Win Mag is an extremely popular rifle round. As the name might suggest, it was developed by Winchester.

It was first introduced in the early 1960s. The name might also suggest that it is a magnum cartridge, which is true, as the cartridge was derived from .375 Holland & Holland cartridges.

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  A. 300 Win Mag Specs
  B. Choosing a 300 Win Mag Rifle
  C. The Top 5 300 Rifles
1. Model 70
2. Mark V Ultra
3. X-Bolt Stainless
4. 110BA Stealth
5. Thompson/Center Compass

It is popular in a few different niches. It’s popular for target shooters because it is one of the most accurate cartridges, and can handle long distances extremely well.

It is one of the flattest shooting projectiles available.

The round is popular among hunters because of the excellent combination of long range ability and a larger projectile. Various militaries and law enforcement agencies use it for snipers.

The projectile is .30 inches in diameter, and the projectiles are available from 110-250 grains.

This wide variety of projectile sizes available is another reason that the cartridge is so popular. The cartridge outperforms most of the competition in terms of ballistics.

A. 300 Win Mag Specs

While some of the more modern cartridges have begun to outperform .300 Win Mag, it has retained its popularity because of the number of available weapons and how affordable the ammunition is.

It is also one of the most popular rounds for reloading, due to the number of projectiles and amount of brass available.

Generally speaking it is faster than .308 Winchester, and maintains its velocity over distance better. This results in a high energy projectile that is excellent for hunting medium to large game.

B. How to Choose the Right Rifle

When looking to buy a .300 Win Mag rifle, there are a few factors to keep in mind. They basically boil down to what your uses for the rifle will be. However, to help point you in the right direction, we’ve identified a few key features.

  • How important is accuracy to you? Are you looking for a hunting rifle or a precision long range rifle?
  • Are you planning on taking this rifle on any mountain hikes in search of that trophy kill?
  • Goes along with the weight. Will a long rifle be a burden for you?
  • If you are looking for a precision rifle, you probably need to be prepared to spend more money than on a hunting rifle.
  • How important is the corrosion resistance and resistance to the elements for you?

Looking for a .300 Win Mag rifle can be overwhelming, as there are many options available. We have tried to touch on the best .300 Win Mag rifles across the whole range of available weapons to help give you an idea.

Winchester Model 70 Super Grade | Wikipedia Creative Commons licenses

 C. Top 5 .300 Win Mag Rifles

All in stock as of 5/5/2020 from providers linked to below

Rifle Top Feature MSRP
1. Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Quality $1,599
2. Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight Accuracy $1,999
3. Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker Durability $899-Sale
4. Savage Arms 110BA Stealth Evolution Tactically styled $1,519
5. Thompson/Center Compass Price $239-Sale


1. Winchester Model 70 Super Grade

The first rifle on our list of best .300 Win Mag rifles is the Model 70 Super Grade from Winchester. This bolt action rifle is extremely sleek looking, with classic walnut styling with an ebony forearm tip.

The barrel has a polished blue finish, and the wood parts have a satin finish. The two-tone walnut is very aesthetically pleasing. The weapon has a 26 inch barrel, weighs 8.5 pounds, and has a 3 round magazine capacity.

The pros of this weapon are the looks, the accuracy, and the reliability. The accuracy of the weapon comes from a few things. First, the hammer forged barrel is free floated. Second, the MOA trigger system allows for a very precise trigger pull.

Third, the steel receiver has an integral recoil lug that is bedded in the front and rear to prevent the bolt from shifting at all. Last, the stock has a solid steel piece for added rigidness. All of these factors increase the accuracy of the weapon. The reliability comes from the steel receiver and the controlled round feeding and extracting mechanisms.

The cons of this weapon are the price, limited magazine capacity, and the weight. This is not the most expensive on our list, but it is still pricy. However, it is also the highest quality weapon on the list.

It is also a very heavy weapon, which is something to consider if you are looking for a hunting rifle. As far as uses go, it would excel in any role, but the weight and longer barrel may limit its uses to target shooting and hunts where you don’t have to travel far.


Suggested Retail Price: $1599

Top Features:

  1. As mentioned before, multiple factors add into the accuracy.
  2. Steel receiver, controlled round feeding and extracting.
  3. Pre drilled and tapped for scope mounts.
  4. Sleek looking.
  5. High quality weapon at a reasonable price.


2. Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight

Next up is another bolt action rifle. The Mark V Ultra Lightweight variant is one of Weatherby’s best rifles. As with all Weatherby weapons, this rifle is extremely high quality and very accurate. The barrel is 24 inches long, the weapon weighs 6.75 pounds, and has a 3 round magazine capacity.

Due to the extreme light weight and accuracy, this is the best .300 Win Mag rifle for hunting. If you are looking for a precision rifle, we highly recommend checking out some of the other variants of the Mark V or some other weapons made by Weatherby, although the Ultra Lightweight is accurate enough to work in this capacity.

The pros of this weapon are the accuracy, light weight, and the smooth action. The accuracy comes from the hand lapped barrel and the excellent LXX trigger. The LXX trigger is extremely precisely made, and offers a wider face for more contact between your finger and the trigger.

The trigger is also completely adjustable, all the way down to 2.5 pounds. The LXX trigger goes a long way in increasing the accuracy of the firearm as a whole. The light weight comes from the lighter 6 lug action, composite stock, and a slightly smaller forearm.

The cons of this weapon are the smaller grip, limited magazine capacity, and the price. The smaller grip helps a lot in decreasing the weight, but takes a little getting used to. While this is one of the highest quality rifles on our list, it is also the most expensive.


Suggested Retail Price: $1999

Top Features:

  1. Weatherby guarantees .99 inch groups at 100 yards when using their ammunition.
  2. LXX trigger. Increases the accuracy, but is also an excellent trigger. One of the best on the market.
  3. Stainless steel barrel and composite stock will be resistant to the elements.
  4. Extremely strong action.


3. Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker

The Stainless Stalker is one of the variants of Browning’s X-Bolt rifle. They are all high quality firearms, but the Stainless Stalker has some added features that make it an excellent option as a hunting rifle.

The rifle has a 26 inch barrel, weighs just under 7 pounds, and has a 3 round magazine capacity. While other variants of the X-Bolt may function better in other roles, the Stainless Stalker is another one of the best .300 Win Mag rifles for hunting.

The pros of this weapon are the durability, adjustable trigger, short throw bolt, and reliability. The durability comes from the stainless steel barrel, bolt, and receiver paired with a composite stock coated in Dura-Touch Armor Coating.

This makes the weapon extremely resistant to the elements. Additional grip has been added to the forearm in order to allow for plenty of grip strength in adverse conditions. The adjustable trigger makes the weapon slightly more accurate, and the short throw bolt allows you to chamber the next round and fire quicker.

The cons of this weapon are that it is not as accurate as some of the others and has a limited magazine capacity. However, this is an excellent rifle for hunting.


Suggested Retail Price: $1099

Top Features:

  1. Stainless steel parts and composite stock.
  2. Adjustable trigger.
  3. Pre drilled and tapped for scope mounts.
  4. Light weight. Not as light as the Mark V Ultra Lightweight, but still a manageable weight.
  5. Comfortable pad that absorbs recoil well.
  6. Stainless steel parts increase the reliability significantly.


4. Savage Arms 110BA Stealth Evolution


While Savage Arms is generally known for their affordably priced bolt action rifles, the 110BA Stealth Evolution is cut from a different cloth.

This is still a reliable bolt action rifle, but has been given a modern, tactical look. It has an AR-15 style handguard with multiple picatinny rails to go along with a fully adjustable stock.

It also has a detachable box magazine that has a 5 round capacity. It has a 24 inch barrel and weighs around 7 pounds. With a little work, this could function well as a precision rifle. In our opinion, it is the best .300 Win Mag rifle for target shooting. It could be used for hunting, but there are better options out there.

The pros of this weapon are the picatinny rails, adjustable trigger, a manageable weight, and the modernized look. The picatinny rails allow you to mount any number of accessories on the rifle.

It also allows you to use a wider variety of scopes and optics. Savage Arms’ AccuTrigger is fully adjustable, and greatly increases the accuracy of the rifle. Adjusting the trigger pull will go a long way in increasing your shot.

The look of this weapon is nice, but some of the features that come along with it are even nicer. For example, the adjustable stock, pistol style grip, and the detachable box magazine look nice, but also add a lot to the weapon.

The pros of this weapon are limited to mostly the cost. As mentioned, this is a good frame to start off, but to make a competitive rifle, it may take a little work. As far as the cost, this is a quality rifle, but given the reputation of Savage Arms, some people will struggle to pay this for one of their rifles.


Suggested Retail Price: $1099

Top Features:

  1. Increased magazine capacity. Dependent on your use for the weapon, this may be a nice feature for you.
  2. Modern look and features that go along with it.
  3. Increases the accuracy of the weapon.
  4. Reliable and smooth action.


5.Thompson/Center Compass

The last entry on our list of best .300 Win Mag rifles is the Compass from Thompson/Center. While this is an extremely affordably priced and basic rifle, there are also some great features to see at this price point.

The rifle has a 24 inch barrel, weighs 7.5 pounds, and has a 4 round magazine capacity. Due to some of the added features, this is the best .300 Win Mag rifle for the price. It would function well as a hunting rifle, but could also be the starting point for an entry level precision rifle.

The pros of this weapon are the short pull, increased magazine capacity, adjustable trigger, and the perice. This weapon actually has one of the shortest pulls on our list, which is surprising in such an affordably priced weapon.

Another surprise for an affordably priced weapon is the adjustable trigger. Usually this comes at an added cost. Having the extra round that most of the other rifles don’t have is another plus.

The cons of this weapon are hard to complain about considering the price. However, this wasn’t the most accurate rifle on the list, and is one of the heavier ones.


Suggested Retail Price: $350

Top Features:

  1. Hard to beat this price, especially given some of the added features.
  2. Adjustable trigger. You usually don’t see an adjustable trigger at this price.
  3. Grip and stock. The composite grip and stock offer plenty of grip strength and are resistant to the elements.
  4. As with most bolt actions, this weapon is smooth and reliable, shot after shot.


As you can see, there are a plethora of options available for .300 Win Mag rifles. While there are many factors to consider, thinking about your use for the weapon will help you narrow down which features are important to you. Once you’ve identified that, the list of best rifles for you will start to shrink.

If you’re looking for a hunting rifle, the Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight is an excellent option. If you’re looking for an overall excellent quality weapon, the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade is definitely something to look into.

However, if you are on a tighter budget, the Thompson/Center Compass is probably what you’re going to want. No matter which weapon you choose, .300 Win Mag is an excellent cartridge, and you will likely be happy with your purchase. Hopefully our list of best .300 Win Mag rifles has helped narrow down your search for you.


  1. Got news for you…Savage has the best out of the box accuracy of any major rifle firm and Mossberg is not behind. Ruger makes accurate rifles as well.

    I have a Ruger and a Savage that will shoot as well or better than any weatherby ever made….and I didn’t break the bank on either one…

    Sorry…guess I ad better go give CPR to my last elk that wasn’t shot with a $1000 rifle….it is in the freezer…

    Probably expressing this too aggressively but it is the shooter…not the rifle that score the hit.


      • That’s not even the same gun LOL do some research before you open your mouth! I don’t own any of these guns but I’ve been doing a lot of research on them and that the Savage stealth is towards the top of the list on everything I’m reading

        • Ryan: Bosco Bob up there is a sniper wanta-be and nothing but trash spews out of that big fat hole under his nose. He reads an article and believes everything in it. If its on the internet, its got to be real mentality.LMAO. Sniper Central sure isn’t the place Id go to be looking for accurate data and info on weapons systems.

          • Reply to DevilDog: Yea, I see so many “military spec-ops” on here, it amazes me that our own Unit was so minimal in its manpower! For me the best teacher I ever had (other than experience) came LONG before the ARMY and its Nightstalker hustle and head crunching. It was from an older fella who lived in Mountain Rest, SC, way out in boonies, and he was the fire-MAN! He was always able to adjust my rifle to meet my demands, taught me all about machining, reloading my own rounds, and the value of a simple rifle over a $10k+ .50 cal., as most SSGs like me only had our hands on one while we were enlisted! Afterwards, we just compensate with dollar vs. performance and find a solid balance. And he taught me this I’ll pass on to ya, may not mean much, but; “SSG, no 2 rifles are equal in ALL ways, and no 2 shooters are endowed exactly in ANY ways, so you will NEVER get the same result from 2 like weapons, or the men that fires them. So make use of what fits best – it’s all a marriage of man and weapon – then til death do ya part!” I paraphrased best I could From “FROSTBITE FRED HAMES. Hope it means something to you too. Stay loose and hang tight! SOAR_90

  2. Wonder why the Remington 700 didn’t make the list. The action is the basis of the U.S. military .300 Win. Mag. “M24 sniper system” & several reviews rate the Remington 700 (in several calibers) one of the best “out of the box” rifles in the world. Depending on stock & other options, the 700 retails for $541 (ADL model w/ scope) to over $2200 (military / police versions), but the action is the same in all of ’em. I have looked @ many other .300 Win. Mag. rifles & several in .30-06 too — I already have a .308 Win. rifle. The Remington 700 ADL looks like the best “bang for the buck” .300 Win. Mag. for me.

    • The bullets won’t break the bank, and you can use lighter rounds on deer, and the heavier rounds on moose/elk/bear reliably. It also has more energy at 500 yards then a 308. I’ve honestly never had to make a shot on game at that distance, but, it’s nice to know I can if I have to.

      • You’re absolutely right Gord. No other round matches the .300WM versatility when hand loading. Lighter bullets for varmit hunting and the heavier ones for long range or large game like elk, even grizzly. It’s a true 1200yd. round! I love my 1964 Winchester Model 70 .300WM which will soon be topped with a Vortex PST Gen2 5-25×50. My next rifle will be a GA Precision in .300PRC or a Model 70 if Winchester will make it. Good Luck!

  3. The article and the replies to it are why I don’t waste a lot of time talking firearms to most people. Ignorance abounds in the firearm world and is most apparent in forums and the comment section. You have five very different rifles as examples. If you want to cite examples of the “best” establish the parameters you are using to determine this. How the hell do you compare a Model 70 Super Grade against a cheap T/C? Why not the Model 70 Extreme Weather? Why not some of the great European rifles? What makes the quality of the Model 70 better than the others? You have real gun writers of the past rolling over in their graves with this drivel.

  4. My cheap TC compass dropped a B&C Whitetail last year from 305 yards. Also my Cheap TC has a 3 shot grouping of 1/2 inch at 100 yards. Not everyone can afford a $1500 rifle. I will put my cheap TC up against any of your expensive rifles anytime you want.

  5. I appreciate the advise on the 300 win mags. I prefer a solid wood stock though. Any thoughts on or models you would recommend?

    • I have a Mossberg Patriot 300 Win Mag. It’s affordable (375.00) and with a good scope I’m shooting 4 shots and cutting holes with factory Hornady 165 power points. Also not one deer has taken more than 2 steps after first shot. I’ve only killed 6 with this rifle but 1 was 415 yards and I held dead on rear of front shoulder, dropped where it stood. I own Winchesters, Remingtons and Rugers also in different calibers. This Mossberg is way under rated and by far the BEST shooting… My opinion guys.. Thanks

  6. You can pay about 1/2 the price of the Win. Mod. 70 and get superb accuracy from a Rem.700 Long Range Rifle.
    Mine just shot two groups at 100 yds. that measure .527″ and .321″ with 215 gr. Berger hybrids.
    While not a high dollar firearm, it will and does shoot like one. Why Remington was omitted from this article
    is beyond rational thinking. Uneducated or misinformed writers on this subject should do a field test before
    writing an article such as this. There are some newcomers to the sport that may take this as gospel.
    Please do your homework before writing your article. You may save a novice some hard earned money and frustration.

  7. Learned so much reading all the discussion here in the comments . I thinks I’ll get the savage 110ba or TC . Thanks all

  8. I agree with all the positive comments. I am looking forward to a purchase of a .300 Win rifle.
    Just have some more research on which one for me. Budget is about $1500, or so. Currently
    enjoying a Ruger Precision .338 Lapua. Fun gun for me. Ammo is not for the faint of heart, at
    20 rds/$85. Lots of enjoyable reloading for, .338, .308, 6.5 creedmor and grendel. BRINGS COST DOWN SIGNIFICANTLY.THANKS for all your pros and cons. Helps educate me. Oh by the way I turn 80 yrs old in a
    couple of months. SO MUCH FUN.


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