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Tomahawks for SHTF

Multi-use items save space and weight while serving multiple roles. This is why you need Tomahawks for SHTF.

Tomahawks for SHTF

Modern tomahawks came back on the scene around the time of the Vietnam War. They were favored by select US Special forces (Vietnam Tomahawks).

Modern Tomahawks typically have a composite or synthetic handle, but many still include wood handles. They have a hatchet-like bit and typically are secured in a leather or synthetic sheath.

Tactical or Modern Tomahawks can be very useful in camping, bushcraft, fighting and prepping (bug out) scenarios. They can be used as an alternative to a traditional hatchet, but are generally lighter and slimmer. They often contain other tools or weapons in addition to the axe head, such as spikes…or hammers.

A tomahawk makes for a mighty hand held, combat weapon. With some practice the tomahawk can even be used as a throwing weapon that can deliver devastating attacks.

Let’s look at what we’ve discovered about using a Tactical Tomahawk for prepping

  • Handheld weapon, sharp hatchet/axe at one end, sharp spike at the rear
  • Throwing weapon
  • Tool to chop wood
  • A throwback to embrace your Native American heritage (ok, I bent the truth, this is totally false, many of the Native American Tomahawks were rounded ball-type hammer, crushing devices, but if you’ve seen the movie The Patriot, you can see some bad arse metal bladed tomahawk action.)

One tool that allows for many functions, frees up some pack space and lightens my load. This is why you need a Tomahawk for SHTF!


  1. i still have the m48 komanndo and its the first hawk i ever bought. it so great and the steel in it seems indestructable. i am starting a collection and i cant wait to get more. these are great tools and weapons

  2. The SOG is a great hawk for the money. I have one! But I prefer the next level hawks, they seem to have a little better build quality and some extra features that make them more practical across a wide range of applications. My fav is the Gerber Downrange these days, and I use it for EVERYTHING. Definitely an indispensable part of my SHTF kit.
    Great site by the way!


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