The Survival Acronym

The SURVIVAL Acronym was created to help you remember key information during a crisis.

The SURVIVAL Acronym

Survival Acronyms are easy to remember. They provide a short explanation or item, that you need to remember, for each letter in the acronym. This makes it easy to commit to memory and recall under pressure.

The SURVIVAL acronym

The acronym, S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L., is a common way of teaching a person the survival basics. The word is synonymous with the goal.


S  Size up the situation
U  Use all  your senses OR undue haste makes waste
R  Remember where you are
V  Vanquish fear and panic
I  Improvise
V  Value living
A  Act like the natives
L  Live by your wits (but for now, learn basic skills)



One of the most important words in SURVIVAL, any survival situation, is “improvise“. The United States Marine Corp has made “improvise” part of their motto; Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. improvise-adapt-overcome300x300

Marines know they must improvise to survive. So must you.

In some of the survival classes that I’ve been involved in, students are trained in what they should do, then things are changed up. The student must try and use the skills they just learned, while under a great deal of stress.

Guess what? Marines (and other like-minded personnel) tend to fly through this stress test, due to improvisation being part of their core training.

Knowing how to improvise can keep you alive. In this imperfect world, things rarely ever go as planned.

You could get all discouraged, fret and pout, or you could analyze the situation and find a way to improvise! Every mistake or challenge is a learning opportunity in disguise.

It is amazing how much power you wield over a situation by simply looking at it with a new mindset. Don’t look at the challenge as a problem, think of it as a game you that intend to win. Step back, take a breath then look at your options and go for it. Even the most seasoned survival expert could fizzle out and fail, if they don’t have the proper mindset.

Get it into your head that you are determined to survive, no matter how tough the  situation you face! You will be amazed by the power you wield.

When you really need it most, will you be able to remember all the important bits of information that are supposed to keep you alive? Probably not, but some survival acronyms will give you a good base checklist to start from!


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