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SHTF Machete

Have you already selected your SHTF machete or camping machete? A machete has many uses and you should consider the right one for your area or bug out location.

SHTF Machete

A machete is a large, multi-use knife, designed for slashing through brush in the jungle and forests. If you’ve ever had to cross over land without a trail, these can come in very handy.

If I go camping or to the forest to shoot videos or document cool prepper concepts or camping stuff, I always have my bug out Machete. I’ve used machetes to clear paths, campsites, chop wood, harvest bamboo and even use it to clear weeds from my garden occasionally. There are just times that you need the big-knife horsepower of a machete, and when that time comes, you’ll be glad you have one. Any wood, plant or zombie flesh can easily be cleaved with the heavy, long bladed machete, and no other knife can do this task nearly as well.

Right know I pack the Gerber Parang Machete. It’s got a wicked looking 13.5″ blade (19.5″ total length) and is razor sharp, right out of the packaging. Watch those fingers!

I like the blade forward design, which causes it to really cut very efficiently, and it looks really mean. Woe be to the zombie or attacker that comes at me, when I have this in hand.


I’ve seen a lot of reviews on this machete. There is no middle ground on the Gerber Parang Machete, people either love it or hate it. Mine is good. I’ve had no trouble with it, and since it was only around $30, I tend togerber-parang treat it rough. It’s performed fantastically, and it’s been a slicing and hacking dream.

There have been recalls on some versions of this machete, so make sure you get one of the newer ones, that don’t have the issues listed in the recall notice. Gerber appears to have rectified the issue, and mine is rock solid.

Would I buy another Gerber Parang Machete? Heck yes I would.

Would I buy another machete of another type of machete? Of course I would. I’m a Preparedness blogger, I have to test out other stuff, even if I already love what I own.

Due to my love of the Becker BK2 Campanion knife (Ka-Bar), I really feel like I should check out the Ka-Bar Kukri Machete. It appears solid, and if it’s anything like the Becker BK2, then it’ll be a keeper.

Sizing and Selection

One thing you need to keep in mind is the environment and foliage of your area. I can get away with the shorter machetes because I don’t live in a jungle.

I know that many of my readers live in tropical regions. In that case, I’d likely choose a longer bladed machete, something like the 22″ Guide-Master Outback Machete (Sawback) or the more economically priced Cold Steel Latin Machete. These would be much more conducive to slicing through jungle brush and vines that you’d encounter in your area.

A SHTF Machete should be part of your gear, they are great for cutting brush, chopping wood, using for defensive purposes and even opening coconuts. You’ll find a myriad of uses for a machete once you own one, even if it’s just gardening.


    • Gerber has recalled those older models. Please verify that you do have the newer version that fixes this issue.

      Mine is the newer model, and had been beaten to hell and back, including accidentally hitting the occasional rock, with no issues.


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