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PVC Pipe solar stake bracket

I went from doing a plumbing project to mowing the grass and had an epiphany while trimming around all the solar panels staked into the ground at random points in my landscaping. I can make a simple PVC pipe solar stake bracket!

PVC Pipe solar stake bracket

Most of us have these cool solar lights in our landscaping, some of them are all wired together to a single solar panel and battery pack. I always knock them over or have to trim around them after I mow.

Until now.

I used some left over PVC pipe, drilled a small hole on one side and a larger hole, big enough for a screw head and screw driver, in the other side.

pvc bracket for solar stakes schematic

Now I can use a couple all-weather screws and mount these solar panels up off the ground, in more convenient spots.


This is a quick project, and you may already have everything you need.


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