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Other Situations Where Body Armor Could Save Your Life

Each and every day, you go about your day, assuming that you are safe and that there is nothing bad going to happen to you. Depending on what you do for a living, there is a good chance that someone may come into your place of business and put your life in danger today. It is best to make sure that you take the time to protect yourself in the best way that you can. While the average person doesn’t want to carry a concealed weapon around with them every day, there are times when body armor could be the only item they need to stay safe and protected during a dangerous situation.

Other Situations Where Body Armor Could Save Your Life

Working at a School
Recently, there have been many instances where shooters have decided to go into schools and kill many innocent people. If you are working in a school, having a vest that you can throw on during dangerous situations could mean the difference between saving your life and dying on the spot. Many shooters do not take the time to aim for someone’s head, when they are on a rampage. They will aim for the largest mass of the body, which is the chest. Having the vest on could save your life and allow you to have the protection needed to stop the gunman from killing many other people.

Working at a Bank
While most banks have guards that work inside of them, if the guard is killed, the people in the bank are going to be left to fend for themselves. Having on body armor will better your chances of being able to make it out of the bank alive. There are covert vests that can be worn under any type of clothing. They will give you protection without being noticeable.

Working at a Convenience Store
There are many night tellers that find out the hard way how dangerous working at a convenience store can be. People often choose to rob these types of stores at night because there are not a lot of people around and the tellers usually work on their own. Wearing the vest will increases the chances that even if someone comes in and shoots you in the chest, you will not die from the injury.

Working at a Postal Office
There are many people who are stressed out by the postal office. There have been instances where workers and even customers have come into postal offices brandishing firearms. When this happens, the employees are left in danger and are often injured or killed by the individuals. Wearing body armor under your uniform will increase the protection you have, in case this type of situation arises.

Other situations:

  • Depositing Money at a Bank
  • Withdrawing Money from an ATM
  • Walking alone
  • Car Jackings
  • Random violence

There is no need to go to work and risk your life every day. Body armor is affordable and comfortable. It gives you the best chance of making it home safely at the end of the day and give you peace of mind as you go about your business in even the most dangerous of situations.

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  1. I work at my local department of social services and sometimes I feel like we should have body armor. I don’t mean to stereotype but the fact is on most days the demographic that walks through our center doors are ticking time bombs. On a daily basis we have to attend a lot of convicted felons, severely mentally ill people and people who are aggressive due to their difficult situation. Physical attacks aren’t common but verbal attacks are a daily norm. The center security guards are few and poorly trained to deal with real life violent situations. And due to budget cuts, many security were recently laid off. Emergency procedures and training is also deficient. I often feel that working at these government agencies is so risky. Sometimes I take a moment from my (insane) caseload and think about all this and honestly it scares me. Yes going to work or anywhere is a risk but the current state of affairs of the country and at government agencies makes it particularly risky.

  2. life doesn’t give a second chance, but with something like this equipment you can save yourself and your beloved too.


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