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Make Your Prep Supplies Familiar Items for Children

If you ever have to bug out or even bug in, you want to remove some of the unknown, whenever possible. That’s why it’s important to make your prep supplies familiar items for children.

Make Your Prep Supplies Familiar Items for Children

As a parent, we want our children to have some comfort in tough situations. I’ve decided to incorporate our prep supplies (camping supplies) into our daily lives as much as possible.

Indoor Camping

We have nights where we all sleep in our sleeping bags in our finished basement, and we do the same thing during severe storms and hurricanes. We even have a small dome tent that we occasionally setup for them to sleep in.

My girls love indoor camping. Even when it’s severe weather outside, its a treat for us to sleep in the basement, all snuggled up in our sleeping bags.

Backyard Camping

Some weekends, when the weather is nice, we camp out in our backyard. I’ll usually choose between a couple of our “go to” tents (Coleman Red Canyon tent or our Hooligan 2 tent).

We live on the edge of a forest, they get all the unusual sounds of nature at night, but even if we lived in a city, this would still be a valuable experience for them.

Camp Foods

Sometimes we take it up a notch and break out the portable fire pit, for campfire cooking, roasting hotdogs on sticks and toasting marshmallows for smores.

This allows the kids,¬† to watch me build a fire and lets me teach them how to behave safely around camp fires. This also familiarize them with camp eating, and we didn’t even have to leave the yard.

Every winter, after the first snow, I break out our Kelly Kettle. The kids and I head outside to gather twigs, sticks and find litter and tinder so we can boil some water in the Kelly Kettle to make cocoa. This is a tradition that they really look forward to.

Sometimes will have a camp food meal, even if we aren’t hanging out in the back yard. We’ll boil up some water and eat some Mountain House meals. I have them read me the amount of water we need, then talk me through instructions, guiding me on the preparation.

Just between you and me, I already know how to make the Mountain House foods, but don’t tell my kids. Shhhhhhh!

The current favorites seem to be the Mountain House¬†Beef Stroganoff and Chicken and Rice. We haven’t found a flavor that they don’t like. Good stuff.

If you look over this small list of things we’re doing to familiarize our children with prepping and camping supplies, I’m sure you will be able to come up with dozens, if not hundreds of ideas too.

We’ve done our best to expose our entire family to camping and the great outdoors, even when we can’t leave the yard. This provides them some good knowledge, and if I want to go camping, they won’t be all whiny about it! It’ll be like having my own Cub Scout troop!

If the SHTF, we’re all going to be scared and it’s going to be tough, but when I pull out the preps (camping supplies), the kids are already familiar with them and it might even provide a bit of calm since they are associated with better times filled with fun. That’s why its important to make your prep supplies familiar items for children.


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