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How You Are Tracked

Remember the days when you only had to worry if someone was physically tailing you? You could use some creative evasion to disappear into a crowd or around a corner. Well those days are over. Here are a few ways on how you are tracked.

How You Are Tracked

In today’s world of modern technology, you have to take extreme measures to hide and to remain anonymous. The Nazi’s and Secret police would have loved to have had this type of technological tracking to keep it citizens in line. Here in the USA, we even pay the bills for our collars (cell phone, internet access), which they use against us.

What does it take to hide?

First you need to know how you are tracked, then you might be able to do something about it.


There is no privacy on the internet. Encryption may give you some cover, but the best defense now is to use Tails (which uses Tor) from a public or open wifi access point, from a laptop that has never been connected to your network. Add to this some MAC address spoofing and you may just obfuscate and bounce around enough to be anonymous. Unless you still have your cell phone on you. Then they know you were in the proximity of that wireless network, and all bets are off.

More information:

Cell phone

Good luck going anywhere or having any private conversations on your cell phone. It’s impossible. Your cell phone is tracked and triangulated via the cell phone towers and then top it off with your even more accurate built in GPS.

Add to this that every cell phone call is intercepted, regardless of what the news media tells you.

Want to a big wake up call? Google knows where you’ve been, almost everywhere you’ve been. See your location history (use your browser that’s logged into a google account – gmail, etc).

More information – Cell Phone: The Tracking Device in Your Pocket


Radio, so far seems to be the most anonymous. Except that on the Amateur bands you must use your amateur radio callsign.

The bad news is, they can still find you, using a method lovingly labeled “Fox Hunting”.

Fox hunting is the method used to track rogue transmitters. It utilizes directional antenna. A directional antenna is more sensitive to received signals in some directions than others. When a directional antenna is rotated, a received signal will either increase or decrease in signal strength, information from which a skilled hunter can determine the likely direction to the transmitter.

If they start hunting you, you have a very limited amount of time to stop transmitting and get the heck out of there.

I speculate that the powers that be have antennas deployed just for this type of tracking, so transmit and move.

You might have the best luck using HF and bouncing that signal, or skipping it off the atmosphere, but nothing is foolproof.

This is just a few ways describing how you are tracked, remember this and you might be able to avoid some of it.


  1. You chat wisely about Opsec and Persec which are pretty vital to preppers and survivalists, yet you tell people to get HAM licences to use radios. But if you use a Ham radio to discuss preps or associated stuff anyone can go and find out your full name and address from the Ham licence register, thats BAD OPSEC.

    I do understand that to many people Ham licences meet their needs and they are happy with the increased risk to OPSEC, but others choose to use UNLICENCED gear like AM & FM CB, SSB CB, PMR, FRS, and even FREENET Radios to ensure comms after an event. Many modern CB systems like the 12 watt SSB FM CBs as almost the equal of Ham equipment and are licence free. just a bit of food for thought. Got to add many people will simply use Ham gear licenced or not after TSHTF.

  2. Further to my last post , Fox Hunters, Many preppers only use portable transmitters to broadcast with and NEVER broadcast from home which is GOOD Opsec. But after TSHTF I would suggest that especially in the US if some folks fox hunted a prepper they probably will get shot for their trouble. All of my radio use is always done away from home even though I dont use Ham frequencies I use Freenet and CB and PMR. WHY because I dont want my home location triangulating or fox hunted.


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