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DIY Knife Throwing Target that will Last for Years of Practice

I love throwing knives at a target for fun. I find it to be a great way to relieve stress while building a survival skill.

My throwing skills have advanced greatly just through casual backyard throwing. 

The knife thowing target I will show you how to build is the most versatile and long lasting.

It is sturdy enough to handle not only knives, but lighter axes and hatches as well.

knife throwing
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  What You Need
  Optional Materials

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Learn to Pick Handcuffs: 6 Effective Methods Break Free!

There may come a time where it might be very handy for you to know how to open a set of handcuffs. 

Learning to Pick Handcuffs is not as intuitive as you think it is.

So having a learning tool to help you visualize the inner workings is essential.

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  6 Methods to Pick Handcuffs
      1. Use Clear Cuff
      2. Making a Key
      3. Using a Shim
  Alternative Handcuff Options
      4. Duct Tape
      5. Zip Ties
      6. Saw Method
  Want to Cheat?
  Want to Practise?

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