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Economic Water Storage

It just makes sense to have some water stored, in case of disruption of public water systems. Think of all the times that  you have heard about a broken water main, or other issues, that causes a Boil Water advisory? There are plenty of water storage solutions, but they can get pricey. How can we find economic water storage?

Economic Water Storage

Most of us drink beverages that comes in plastic bottles or jugs. Recycle those containers to give you a jump on water storage until you get upgrade.


  • Jugs from Food Products, like White Vinegar. Do not use milk jugs, they will leak, trust me!
  • Juice bottles (or jugs)
  • 16oz, 20oz, 1 and 2 liter Soda bottles

Once these containers are empty, give them a good washing with dish soap and water.

Once the containers have been thoroughly cleaned, fill them with good old (and nearly free) tap water, then store them someplace, out of the way, on a shelf or under the bed.

Tap water is typically treated with chlorine to kill bacteria; this will make the water safe for about six months of storage. If your tap water isn’t chlorinated, add two drops of chlorine bleach (non-scented) per gallon of water to sanitize it. This will prevent bacteria from growing in your water.

You can put up gallons of water, with minimal effort and with almost no additional cost. This should show you that you too can put aside some water, for a rainy day, using economic water storage ideas, just like these.


  1. being from the gulf coast in hurricane country, I have always prepped for hurricanes. when a storm was coming mama told everyone to take a shower and get the dirty clothes to the laundry room. after we all showered mama would bleach the bathtub and fill it with water. this was for bathing and sanitation use. the jugs we kept put up were always ready for use. I have continued to do this and have plenty of water stored just in case.


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