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Commander Vest from SafeGuard ARMOR

As important as body armor is even before the SHTF, it is important to know what you’re getting if you’re relying on it to take a bullet for you. Safeguard Armor have provided me with one of their tactical vests to review, called the Commander.

Commander Vest from SafeGuard ARMOR

The Commander has a durable Cordura carrier, and boasts waist and shoulder straps to help adjust the fit. Pockets in both the front and back allow for rigid plates to be added, giving protection against high-caliber weaponry. The vest itself is available at NIJ Levels II and IIIa, which are capable of stopping just about any handgun you might find yourself up against. If you’re going to be coming  up against people close quarters, it can also provide stab and spike protection.

I’m going to be reviewing this to see just how well it stands up against its claims, and I’ll give you some more information on what it feels like and how it is to wear. Look for a video soon!



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