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Body Armor Guide

Almost every person on Planet Earth requires some kind of protection. Some individuals require financial protection, the others need social protection, the third are eager for protection from racial prejudice, and the list goes on and on. But, in the modern society, where the bubble of World War III, deadly virus outbreak, or global cataclysms can explode from day to day, a regular person has to take care of their personal protection. This is one area where body armor comes in to play.


Body Armor Guide

What If It Actually Happens?

Nowadays, people live and behave, like they have all the time in the world. But, the reality is that one can lose everything he or she has in one short moment. Pop culture abounds in films and TV series about the end of days. What if zombie outbreak becomes a reality? What if North Korea launches a nuclear bomb to Washington, D.C? What if an underwater mega-volcano will erupt and cause a global Tsunami that will destroy most of the world? What if any of the scenarios presented in a wide range of disaster films will become real? What then? Will you be able to protect yourself and your family, while getting all the essentials and provisions?

Being Protected Increases Your Chances for Survival

If you become a prepper in any of the mentioned or other scenarios, you will need protection from other people. Right, you can’t know for sure, if this or that person wants to attack you or just to join you for mutual survival. But, it’s not bad to have your body protected just in case. The Walking Dead, the popular TV series, had a slogan for its third season, saying “Fight the dead. Fear the living.” This could be not that far from the truth.

Body armor is a quite broad concept. You can use anything from athletic pads and motorcycle body armor to actual tactical body armor for your own protection. Of course, the level of protection differs widely for the mentioned items, but even the weakest protection is better than its complete lack.

Get Ready before the “Bubble” ExplodesBody Armor With SAPI Plate Pocket

Getting prepared ahead of time will vastly increase your chances for survival. You can build a bunker and fill it with weapon and foodstuffs, but if you don’t have bullet proof vest and get shot by a person in despair, congratulations – you have built a great bunker for others. Body protection is a must for any prepper, whether in extreme conditions of the end of the world or in tactical environment.

While it’s still a bright sunny day out there and you have all the communications running, take your time and look for a body armor set (or a few of them, if you have a family). You can look for body armor in a retail body armor store or on online stores, one of my favorite sites for body armor is www.safeguardclothing.com and I think they must love us preppers!

Wherever you’re searching for it, you can ask the seller or online consultant anything you want to learn about the armor.

Make sure that it’s your size, proper model (ask about protection types and levels), and that it’s made of material you need for the potential threats. Don’t worry, if you’re a UK or US citizen, you’re allowed to own and wear body armor.

Seriously check them out. The professionals at https://www.safeguardarmor.com and https://www.safeguardclothing.com are always glad to answer questions from folks like us, who know nothing about body armor!


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