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Body Armor for Preppers!

Body armor can make a huge difference in your survival plan. All it takes is one shot to put a person down, but if you’re wearing some decent body armor, you may just live to fight another day! Body Armor for preppers should be an essential piece of gear regardless of your decision to bug out or bug in!

Body Armor for Preppers!

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t want to be shot. I don’t want to be shot while wearing body armor. I really really don’t want to be shot while not wearing body armor.

There are many companies out there who produce body armor, so we decided to take a look at one of the more popular body armor suppliers, Infidel.

While I think I am pretty Tacti-Cool, I’m not too tactical. Luckily, I’ve made some pretty good connections in my lifetime and I was able to pull together some, welll, ummmm, let’s call them “special contractors”.

These “special contractors” are no longer spring chickens, but they’ve all done their time and service for our country. I promised I wouldn’t give much detail, but these gentlemen, are still bad-ass dudes.

I brought them all together at “the range” and we beat the living crap out of the Body Armor.

We shot and abused the Infidel Body Armor plates for hours, and after much much editing I think I got the video trimmed down, to the best highlights. This video really shows how this body armor can hold it’s own and save your skin.

After the video we spent the remainder of the day shooting these plates, and they really held up well.

Needless to say, I’ve already heard that my “special contractors” were very impressed and were overheard planning to order some armor from Infidel Armor.

All it takes is one shot to put a person down. I’d say that the life of my family members, friends and prepper buddies are worth the cost of body armor, for the protection it provides. It’s easier to armor a body than to armor plate your bug out vehicle. When things get crazy, and they will, Body Armor for Preppers should not be overlooked!



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